Broadening horizons with ACT Tutoring


As a parent you’ll want to give your child the best possible opportunities in life. When it comes to higher education, the US offers some of the most prestigious universities in the world, with a broad range of programmes and a thriving student life. What stands between your child and the plethora of prospects provided by a US university education? American College Testing.


Better known as ACT, this standardised test is used across the board for entry to US universities. At A-List Education we are here to help your child do their very best with ACT Tutoring. London is home to our UK office, where we welcome students to come and take their first steps towards acing the ACT.


ACT Tutoring London is always accessible

Our tutoring program gives your child one-on-one attention. Private, individual sessions provide all-important ACT preparation that fits around your family’s busy schedule. This is made possible by the flexible options we offer as part of ACT Tutoring London:

  • Come to our London office on High Street Kensington for a dedicated study environment;
  • Our tutors can come to homes across central London so your child can prep for the ACT in their own space;
  • Connect with our tutors via our online video platform for added convenience.

A personal approach

At A-List Education we understand that every student is different. Your child has unique aptitudes, with strengths and weaknesses in a variety of different areas. That is why ACT Tutoring London is tailored to meet your child’s specific needs. We’ll take the time to find out where the most work is needed and adapt lessons to suit.


Looking to the future

Getting through the ACT with flying colours is the immediate goal of ACT Tutoring London but we also have an eye on the future. The skills we aim to equip your child with are ones that will see them through their academic careers. Problem-solving skills, a logical and methodical approach, comprehension and grammar are valuable at every stage of their education and beyond. With ACT Tutoring London giving them this solid foundation, your child can build a brighter future for themselves.

Broadening horizons with ACT Tutoring
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