Month: December 2018

Surviving SAT prep

The SAT is a solid few hours of intensive testing. It takes stamina and a level head to get through it. But what about all that revision that comes before the test? SAT Tutoring in London from A-List Education UK can make all the difference, preventing you from crumbling under the pressure of it all[…]

Tested and trusted help with the ACT

If you’re facing the prospect of taking the ACT, you may very well be overwhelmed by the many different takes on how to pass it. The sheer number of blogs dedicated to the so-called best approach, not to mention the colossal amount of subject material you need to work through can be overwhelming. What you[…]

Your guide to the SAT

The SAT is one of the biggest hurdles you’ll need to jump to get into an American university. And when we say jump, we don’t mean just clearing it, we mean leaping as high as you can so the university admissions folk take note of your application. How can you make sure you get a[…]

A helping hand to get you through the ACT

Are you dreaming of university life in the USA? Imagining lush green campuses and vast lecture halls? All that is standing in your way is the ACT. As your test date draws closer are you starting to feel more anxious? There is a way to ease your nerves and that is preparation. At A-List Education[…]

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