Year: 2019

SAT tutoring tip: How to fuel your motivation to prepare well

Many students equate success with being smart. We know that success also requires being savvy. We believe motivation – that inner fire power – is critically important. Motivation is particularly relevant for students preparing for the SAT. Why? There is no shortcut to obtaining the best possible test scores. Only a thoughtful plan, preparation, and[…]

How to make the most out of SAT tutoring?

You may be wondering what to do now that you’ve decided on private SAT tutoring in London to help you achieve your goals. This is an incredible opportunity to lean on the invaluable experience and expertise of a knowledgeable tutor. Dynamic tutors at A-List Education do so much more than prepare students well to answer[…]

Here’s why one-to-one SAT tutoring is a good idea

Why is it that many students prefer to have one-to-one tuition when deciding to sit the SAT test? Even though this method can prove to be the more expensive option is it still a popular choice. Considering how important it is for students to obtain high test scores, surely the effectiveness of a preparation programme[…]

Are you looking for SAT Tutoring in London?

Studying in the US is a big decision and something that requires a lot of dedication and serious commitment. If you are studying for your A-levels, then it may be even more challenging to prepare for your SAT exam, as your revision. You will also need to make sure you have sorted out your visa[…]

SAT Tutoring in London will prepare you for your exam

If you are thinking about studying in the US, then you should prepare for the SAT exam first. Completing your SAT exam alongside your A-levels can be incredibly daunting and stressful. Instead of trying to struggle with this workload, you should seek SAT Tutoring in London. Our professional tutors will be able to teach you[…]

Want to Ace the SAT? Join A-List Education’s Bootcamp

Even the brightest of students can find revision a tedious process. When planning a revision timetable, it is easy to become overwhelmed or to feel unsure about which areas to revise in. If you are a student looking to gain acceptance to a US university, you may find revising for the SAT a difficult process[…]

US University Application Timeline for UK Students

Year 11 Review US university application process with A-List advisor Begin building an extacurricular CV Address opportunities for growth in maths, reading and writing prior to SAT/ACT prep; make intentional curriculum selections for Upper Sixth Spring/Summer: Take practice SAT/ACT to gauge baseline for prep Summer: Explore universities through visits and summer programmes Year 12 September:[…]

Why use SAT tutoring in London?

Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to prepare for your SAT. It is easy to put it off for another day and as the feelings of anxiety or confusion begin to become overwhelming, anxiety can start to creep in. Unfortunately, this can be the downfall to many students, who find that they severely[…]

Prepare for the SAT in advance

For many families, the preparation required for applying to universities can be both exciting and stressful. There are many British students who dream of studying outside of their home country, specifically the US, which in turn increases both the excitement and the stress. What is the SAT? Applying to US Universities requires students to attain[…]

What is the SAT?

We are all led to believe that applying to a university is an immensely stressful experience for both US high school students as well as UK students. For US universities in particular, many anxiety-ridden conversations tend to revolve around something called the SAT. Even through popular culture, there are films which show how students can[…]

Extended Project Qualification

Carolyn Tate, Ph.D.: Having completed both a B.A. and Ph.D. in English, Dr Tate has learned to plan, write, and revise large-scale projects. Also, during her academic training, Dr Tate taught writing at private secondary schools and the University of Virginia. Helping young writers develop their skills and take pride in their work is still[…]

Is your child dreaming of attending university in the US?

Many British students dream of studying at a university in the US. The admissions process for being accepted into US universities is considerably different to the requirements of British universities. While grades are important, there are numerous other factors that are considered before being accepted: letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and a high score[…]

SAT tutoring in London is accessible for all students

Students all over the UK dream of studying at a US university, wherever in the states that may be. Many students have done their research and know that they need to pass their A Levels, maintain good grades, take part in extracurricular activities, have letters of recommendation and receive SAT tutoring in London to prepare[…]

How to prepare UK students for US universities

UK students planning to apply to US universities need to prepare for the admissions process by passing all of their A Levels, maintaining excellent grades throughout their academic career, participating in extracurricular activities or part-time work, receiving letters of recommendations, writing a personal essay, and passing the ACT with a high score. What is the[…]

Overview of SAT Subject Tests

After students sit their SAT or ACT exams, many turn their attention to SAT Subject Test preparation. Many top US universities require students to sit at least two Subject Tests in addition to their ACT or SAT exam for admission. Below you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the different Subject Tests and the preparation involved.[…]

How to get a great score on the ACT

There is a lot of information available on how to get the highest score possible on the ACT, but in reality, the information can sometimes be inaccurate. There are claims that the test in March is easier than any other ACT test during the year and that the SAT is easier than the ACT. However,[…]

Are you ready to take the SAT?

Choosing to go to university abroad is a huge step for a young adult. A great deal goes into applying for university in your home country, let alone a completely foreign system. Many UK students dream of studying in the US, but there is a lot of work that goes into the process before getting[…]

Portfolio and Creative Supplements

Often times, students applying for creative programmes in areas such as music, visual arts, film, dance or drama are required to submit supplementary materials that demonstrate their talents. These can be particularly daunting and time consuming! Utilising the summer months to create material for these portfolios can be really helpful and ensures that you are[…]

Summer CV Development

US universities employ a holistic review process when evaluating applicants. This means that each part of your multi-layered application is important to the admissions committee, including your CV! For students of all ages, summer is an excellent opportunity to explore interests and engage in activities you are passionate about — US universities are particularly curious[…]

Personal Statement

Crafting strong personal statements for US universities is time consuming. First you have to get used to the format — the prompts and style of writing are very different than anything a student will have written in their academic career. Then you need to ensure that admissions counsellors will learn something about you through the[…]

Are you dreaming of studying at a US university?

The idea of studying at a US university can be both exciting and daunting. Many students do not realise the difficulties associated with applying to international schools, especially schools in the US. Students applying for university in the US are required to write a personal essay, submit their grades, have outstanding extracurricular activities, as well[…]

Student aptitude tests for US universities

In the United States, getting into a university requires passing aptitude tests. US school students work towards these tests throughout their school years. The SAT tests candidates’ knowledge and critical thinking in 3 sections: English Reading Math Many UK students find that the best way to get excellent results is with the help of A-List[…]

You are not alone, start ACT tutoring in London

When we grow up with a way of doing something, it can be easy to glide through the process when it’s our turn. But when faced with something like trying to get into university in another country, the process is not as straightforward. Not everyone around is talking about it. They are going on about[…]

What you need to know about SAT tutoring in London

If you want to go to university in the United States, your first hurdle is getting great marks in one of 2 standardised exams: either the ACT or the SAT. Let’s take a look at the SAT. Students who want to get into US universities need strong SAT scores, particularly for the Ivy League universities,[…]

Getting into US universities

Getting into university is different in every country. Here in the UK, it’s all about getting the right A and AS level results, based on an offer given by the university. In the United States, the first phase is all about getting great results in one of two aptitude tests. Every year thousands of students[…]

Four common questions about the SAT

A-List Education is here to help with any questions you have about the SAT. Below are some of the questions that we often hear from students who wish to attend SAT tutoring in London. What is the SAT? The SAT has been around since 1926 and it is a general exam that is used, alongside[…]

Once upon a Thought – Summer Course 

The Course Once upon a Thought™ – For the writers and thinkers of tomorrow.   The “What” Once upon a Thought™ is a unique and exclusive two-week residential creative writing and storytelling workshop for 15-17 year old students run by Magic Lanterns Academy (MLA) and held at Battle Abbey High School in England.   Course[…]

Studying at other international institutions

Our expert advisors are here to assist you in navigating the complexity of the university application process. In addition to US universities advising, we are pleased to offer support with advising to universities across Europe, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. This month, we highlight Australia and Canada as rewarding places to study. Australia is currently[…]

Interested in graduate programmes in the US?

Thinking about applying to graduate school in the US? A-List can help! Whether you are interested in business, STEM, humanities, or social sciences, the US is home to many top graduate programmes. Here are a few frequently asked questions to get you thinking about your application options. How long are graduate programmes in the US? Programmes[…]

Tips and strategies for the ACT

When you take the ACT, it’s not all about pure academic knowledge. If you want higher scores you also need to develop broader strategies for approaching the test. Some of these can give you that extra edge, and we have plenty to offer when you work with A-List Education UK. The advantage of working with[…]

US University Summer Programmes

  Now is the time to be thinking critically about how you’d like to spend your summer holiday! While you are able to carve out some time for “fun in the sun”, US universities want to ensure that you are also doing something productive and engaging with your time away from school. Of course, this can take[…]

Getting Ready for March

It’s hard to believe it’s February already! Perhaps even more disconcerting is the fact that the March SAT is just one short month away. Whether you already have one or two official exams under your belt or you’ll be taking your first in March, you’ll need to make good use of these next few weeks.[…]

ACT tutoring in London to increase your score

In the UK, if you want to earn a place at a particular university, you generally go for an interview and, depending on how that interview goes, and your academic record to date, they make you an offer conditional on your final A-Level or IB results. Sometimes, a university will think you are such a[…]

Thinking about SAT tutoring in London?

If your child harbours ambitions to get into a university in the US, they are most likely going to have to pass a standardised exam as well as their A level exams. It’s a lot of hard work to take on and often the best way to make sure it’s work that pays off is[…]

What you need to know about the ACT

If you hope to attend university in the USA, you will need to pass a standardised exam. There are 2 types of tests you can sit, the SAT or the ACT. The 2 tests differ in structure, so you need to work out which one is best suited to you. From there you will need[…]

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