Month: January 2019

ACT tutoring in London to increase your score

In the UK, if you want to earn a place at a particular university, you generally go for an interview and, depending on how that interview goes, and your academic record to date, they make you an offer conditional on your final A-Level or IB results. Sometimes, a university will think you are such a[…]

Thinking about SAT tutoring in London?

If your child harbours ambitions to get into a university in the US, they are most likely going to have to pass a standardised exam as well as their A level exams. It’s a lot of hard work to take on and often the best way to make sure it’s work that pays off is[…]

What you need to know about the ACT

If you hope to attend university in the USA, you will need to pass a standardised exam. There are 2 types of tests you can sit, the SAT or the ACT. The 2 tests differ in structure, so you need to work out which one is best suited to you. From there you will need[…]

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