Thinking about SAT tutoring in London?

If your child harbours ambitions to get into a university in the US, they are most likely going to have to pass a standardised exam as well as their A level exams. It’s a lot of hard work to take on and often the best way to make sure it’s work that pays off is to make sure they have SAT tutoring in London. The SAT is one of two tests your child can take to secure a place in a US university.

SAT Tutoring in London

Great results

Here at A-List Education UK, we have been achieving great results with SAT tutoring in London for more than 10 years. We offer tutoring worldwide and we are proud to say that our tutoring boasts the highest average score improvements. This means that the top 75% of A-List Education students achieve 122 points more than the national average of 60, and the top 25% achieve 206 points more.

How we teach

At A-List Education, we have 2 main branches to our SAT tutoring in London. We use one-on-one tutoring and bootcamps.

Our tutors are carefully picked. Every one of them has a US university degree. They all receive over 100 hours of training before starting tutoring with students.

We believe learning comes best when the student and teacher are well matched, so if your child doesn’t hit it off with the first tutor we give them, we will find another.

Our bootcamps are intensive courses that last 5 or 7 days. Students love to come together for these bootcamps, where we drill them in small groups in all the key content and give them the most effective strategies in tackling the exam. Because the class sizes are kept small, every student gets individual attention. During the week, there are 2 or 3 proctored SAT exams.

The next bootcamps are in February and April. If you book a place and pay your deposit 2 months ahead of the date, you are eligible for our early bird price.

Thinking about SAT tutoring in London?
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