Month: March 2019

Student aptitude tests for US universities

In the United States, getting into a university requires passing aptitude tests. US school students work towards these tests throughout their school years. The SAT tests candidates’ knowledge and critical thinking in 3 sections: English Reading Math Many UK students find that the best way to get excellent results is with the help of A-List[…]

You are not alone, start ACT tutoring in London

When we grow up with a way of doing something, it can be easy to glide through the process when it’s our turn. But when faced with something like trying to get into university in another country, the process is not as straightforward. Not everyone around is talking about it. They are going on about[…]

What you need to know about SAT tutoring in London

If you want to go to university in the United States, your first hurdle is getting great marks in one of 2 standardised exams: either the ACT or the SAT. Let’s take a look at the SAT. Students who want to get into US universities need strong SAT scores, particularly for the Ivy League universities,[…]

Getting into US universities

Getting into university is different in every country. Here in the UK, it’s all about getting the right A and AS level results, based on an offer given by the university. In the United States, the first phase is all about getting great results in one of two aptitude tests. Every year thousands of students[…]

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