Month: May 2019

SAT tutoring in London is accessible for all students

Students all over the UK dream of studying at a US university, wherever in the states that may be. Many students have done their research and know that they need to pass their A Levels, maintain good grades, take part in extracurricular activities, have letters of recommendation and receive SAT tutoring in London to prepare[…]

How to prepare UK students for US universities

UK students planning to apply to US universities need to prepare for the admissions process by passing all of their A Levels, maintaining excellent grades throughout their academic career, participating in extracurricular activities or part-time work, receiving letters of recommendations, writing a personal essay, and passing the ACT with a high score. What is the[…]

Overview of SAT Subject Tests

After students sit their SAT or ACT exams, many turn their attention to SAT Subject Test preparation. Many top US universities require students to sit at least two Subject Tests in addition to their ACT or SAT exam for admission. Below you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the different Subject Tests and the preparation involved.[…]

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