Want to Study in the US? Use A-List Education’s SAT tutoring Services in London

Study abroad is becoming a more popular option for students these days and as the US boasts some of the best universities in the world, the surge in international students wanting to study there is understandable.

SAT Tutoring in London

However, when seeking acceptance to a US university, many international students are thrown off by the an entrance exam known as the SAT. Though the format is familiar to students from the US, students from other countries often struggle to understand the way the tests are organised and therefore, revision can prove difficult.

If you are a student based in the UK wanting to attend one of the prestigious universities in the US, A-List Education’s SAT tutoring in London may be just the help you need.

How We Differ From Other Tutoring Services

Our SAT tutoring in London is unique as it recognises that each student has their own pace and learning style. We are aware that not all students have skills in the same areas, and therefore we adapt our learning style to improve a student’s overall academic performance and increase their confidence.

Our Experienced Tutors

There are many tutoring services around the UK that may state they are able to help you improve your overall SAT scores. However, our SAT tutoring in London is made up of some of the most qualified and skilled tutors available today.

Each of our tutors is a graduate from a top US university like Harvard and has undertaken the SAT test themselves. They are knowledgeable about the format of the test and are up to date on the newest versions being used by the exam board and are therefore able to advise you on which areas are likely to be examined.

Adaptable to Your Schedule

At A-List Education, we don’t want to overload you. We are aware that while you are studying for your SAT test in the US, you are likely to be studying in the UK too and may even be holding down a part-time job.

We offer a flexible schedule to all our students. You will not be penalised or pay additional fees if you must reschedule a session 24 hours in advance. We will also be able to accommodate you for testing midweek if you are unable to make one of our weekend slots.

Exceptional Scores

At A-List Education we are proud of our continued improvement to students’ practice SAT scores.

Students who have undertaken our tutoring service with us typically improve by over three times the national average, with the top 25% of our students improving an average of 293 points in the SAT test.

We also use tracking data, which allows our students and parents to see how they are progressing.

Contact us today for more information on SAT tutoring.

Want to Study in the US? Use A-List Education’s SAT tutoring Services in London
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