Why Should You Choose A-List Education For SAT Tutoring Services in London?

If you want to study at a university in the US, you will undoubtedly be aware of the need to pass the mandatory SAT.

SAT Tutoring in London

 The SAT comprises of four separate sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics without Calculator, Mathematics with Calculator and Grammar (Writing). Each of these papers is worth 800 marks, so the overall SAT score is 2400.

With more international students looking to study in the US, more tutoring companies across the UK and other countries are offering specified tutoring programmes to help students get to grips with the SAT. This is an invaluable resource, as the SAT is different from other tests around the globe. As such, it can prove to be challenging for students to undertake.

At A-List Education we have an organised SAT tutoring service in London that is proud to be able to offer this to all students. We aim to help students who are going to be sitting the SAT feel confident in understanding each question.

How do we achieve this?

At A-List Education, we know how daunting it can be to study for a test. It is easy to start feeling overwhelmed and this can cause anxiety. Therefore, we aim to simplify every step of the revision process to ensure that all our students are thoroughly prepared for the SAT.

Exceptional tutors

Our SAT tutoring service in London is comprised of multiple advisors and tutors, each of them dedicated to helping students get prepared with SAT study materials.

Online tutoring

There are many benefits to online tutoring, especially if a student is unable to meet with their tutor regularly. Our SAT tutoring service in London uses modern conference techniques to provide our students with a more interactive online tutoring experience. This includes sharing computer screens, sharing notes and even recording sessions, so students can watch them back if required.

Another benefit is that it is flexible. We are happy to work around any existing commitments a student may have.


Applying to a university can be a stressful process, particularly if that university is in a different country. Luckily, we can help.

When we work with students, we aim to get to know them as individuals and ask questions surrounding their career goals, hobbies and social needs. Using our extensive database of universities in the US, we then produce a short list of universities that are best suited to that student’s needs.

Our team of advisors use this data to compile information about each of these universities for the student to consider and calculate the student’s chance of admission.

We are even able to contact admissions counselors and if required, we can even conduct mock interviews, so the student is prepared for any question that they are likely to be asked.

At A-List Education, we want to remove all the confusion, frustration and anxiety from applying to universities. We prioritise helping students gain acceptance to the university of their choice by preparing them for the SAT and assisting them in gaining the highest possible score.

Why Should You Choose A-List Education For SAT Tutoring Services in London?
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