Need help writing your application essay? How our tutors at A-List Education can help you

When you choose to study at a US university, you will often be faced with, not only an SAT test, but also application essays. This can be a daunting prospect, as many of the personal application essay titles or prompts you are able to choose from can appear confusing. Coupled with the SAT test, this task can feel extremely overwhelming.

SAT Tutoring in London

At A-List Education, our SAT tutoring service in London can help you prepare for your SAT test and help you work on your personal application essay.

Why do the universities need an application essay or statement?

Although the SAT test is the most common way for the top universities in the US to rate your academic skills, US universities are interested in more than just grades. Most universities around the world request a personal application essay to understand the student as an individual.

At A-List, we have expert advisors and essay specialist who partner with our SAT tutoring service in London. Even as you prepare for the SAT, we can partner you with an essay editor to ensure that this part of the application is strong and persuasive.

What can I expect to be asked in these statements?

Although many of the common app prompts and supplemental essay questions may seem unrelated to what you will study, they help admissions committees learn about your passions and values. Just like our SAT tutoring service in London, these universities accept students from different backgrounds and cultures and want to know what personal attributes you have that make you unique.

US universities are curating a community. Your essay helps them how you will fit into the school and what you will contribute outside of the classroom. As universities only have a limited number of places, they are looking to find a student who has a well written and unique statement.

How can A-List Education help?

Our US university advisory team have years of experience helping students craft personal statements and supplemental essays. This is a truly unique genre in the higher education landscape. Working with a US university expert can ensure you are submitting essays that meet an admission officer’s expectation.

We understand that your first attempt at an essay may not be perfect, so we are also able to offer an editing service, to help you create the correct flow in your essay while not losing any of your own personality in the process. Our team wants to help you create a focused essay, that will grab the attention of the application administration team and give you the best chance of studying at your dream university.

At A-List Education, we aim to help all of our students master the entire process. From sitting the SAT test, to the personal statement and supplemental essays, we will help you with every stage of your application in order to give you the best chance of success.

Need help writing your application essay? How our tutors at A-List Education can help you
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