Make your dreams of studying abroad a reality with SAT tutoring in London

Securing a spot at a prestigious American university requires scoring highly on the SAT, a standardised exam covering your Maths and English comprehension skills.

SAT Tutoring in London

These tests are challenging for your average American student because there is a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed, but even more so for a foreign student who has had no exposure to the style of the SAT.

So how do you prepare correctly without going blank when faced with anxiety on the test day?

As the exam will contain unfamiliar material why not get all the professional help you can get with private teaching to improve your academic performance and boost your confidence? We offer quality tutoring programmes that are customised to your learning needs.

Reach your potential with SAT Tutoring in London and A-List Education.

Why our strategy works

We employ graduates from the best US institutions who are experts in specific areas of study. Whether you need to grasp complicated maths formulas better or improve your grammar, our tutors can help!

Our methods work because we know that identical learning techniques do not work for every student. Brains are wired differently from one another, which means our strengths and weaknesses are not the same. For this reason, the programmes created for our students are customised to suit their learning capabilities, to strengthen areas of weakness, and refine their grasp on subjects that they are currently excelling in.

What learning techniques are used?

There is a wealth of material that learners can use. A-List content is up-to-date and similar to what you will find on the test. You will also have practice tests sent to you, so that you can determine what your strengths and weaknesses are ahead of time. By seeing past papers, you can familiarise yourself with both the style and content of the SAT.

On the day of your official SAT, it is less likely that you will encounter surprises due to uneven preparation if you consider  SAT Tutoring in London.

How many hours of tutoring are recommended to help improve my score?

We recommend a minimum of 25 hours total of tutoring, which amounts to one to two hours of lessons per week.

Findings have shown that previous students who have used our services have improved their SAT score by two hundred or more points.

 Scheduling lessons

If you are a British student seeking admission to an excellent US college, the chances are that you are juggling many responsibilities.

You probably have existing academic prospects in your own country and juggling the different application timelines.

Managing your many responsibilities at school can leave little room for anything else, which is why we devise study plans that are flexible and work around your commitments.

Lessons can be planned for after your school day has finished, or over weekends when you have more free time.

Before your test date creeps any closer, consult with us for quality and personalised SAT tutoring services in London.

Make your dreams of studying abroad a reality with SAT tutoring in London
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