Do you need a boost in confidence for sitting the SAT? Here’s how SAT tutoring can help

Every student who enrolls in one of our SAT tutoring courses has one common goal – to master the SAT. At A-List Education, our team are experienced with SAT Tutoring in London and have been through the process themselves. This valuable experience and expertise enable us to help students score the best that they can in the SAT.


One of the first things that we ask our students to do is to identify their top score in each of the sections of the SAT. Establishing these scores gives the student a goal to work towards and helps them measure their progress. Even the smallest improvements can prove to be a huge confidence booster, which is why SAT Tutoring in London is so important. This is useful for our SAT tutors too, as this provides them with a point of reference from which to work from.

Understand the scoring of each section

Although this tip does not directly relate to exam content, it is crucial for students to understand. This is simply because a student gets to learn how the SAT works. Many students fall into the trap of thinking that tests and exams are a measure of intelligence. We have found that in terms of the SAT, the skills and abilities in taking tests carry significant weight.  This means preparing thoroughly for the test. Of course, students also need to know the exam content as well. A-List Education’s quality SAT Tutoring in London is focused on helping students master both.

SAT test-taking tips and strategies helpful to students

Scoring well in the Maths section requires students to carefully answer each question:

  • Understanding the format of this section.
  • Being aware of the time limit.
  • Having a sound knowledge of the formulas and concepts.
  • Using practice tests to measure progress.

Mastering the reading section requires students to keep one eye on the clock while familiarising themselves with the content and questions. This can be done by:

  • Using a timer to practice reading without panicking.
  • Reading through the questions before reading the text again. This tip triggers the mind to look for clues when going through the text again.
  • Becoming familiar with question terminology and what each type requires.

In addition to implementing specific techniques in each section, there are general test-taking techniques that students can use to improve their overall score. In your test preparations, don’t focus solely on either strengths or weaknesses. Aim to build on strengths and improve weaknesses.

  • Practice reading challenging texts such as technical passages and literary texts and work out what the important points are.
  • Improve your ability to analyse visual materials such as graphs and charts.
  • Use the process of elimination and narrow down answer choices to make an educated guess.

A strong score on the SAT can create more options. Give A-List Education a call today to discuss how our tutoring services can help you master the SAT.

Do you need a boost in confidence for sitting the SAT? Here’s how SAT tutoring can help
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