The number one reason to choose customised one-on-one SAT tutoring

At A-List Education we are dedicated to offering our students exceptional SAT Tutoring in London. We do this by ensuring that all of our test-preparation services – Bootcamps and personalised tutoring – are targeted towards helping students achieves their SAT goals. More than this, we have a firm belief in our unique approach. We match each student to the right tutor and develop a learning plan for every student.


Education research suggests students can have different learning styles. Some people learn by listening, others learn by doing or observing. The preferred learning style can impact on how well a student responds to material. At A-List Education, what matters to us is our students’ success. This is why we offer customised SAT Tutoring in London, designed to help students master content and concepts in ways that work for them. This is the foremost reason to choose customised one-on-one tutoring.

The principles of customised tutoring programmes

Tailored programmes to complement individual student’s goals and personalities

Each student is an individual and deserves their own program for SAT Tutoring in London. We factor in the student’s interests and goals. Students are carefully paired to a suitable tutor to ensure that a student’s learning outcomes are met. In developing a personalised programme for each student, the following factors may apply:

  • Weekly lessons
  • Individualised at-home assignments
  • Practice exams

Assessing a student’s preparation needs

A one-size-fits-all approach does not factor in a student’s individual needs. Some students require more support in one test area than another. He or she may be strong in reading and writing skills but may struggle with applying mathematical formulas. Or, a student may find working against the clock a challenge. Seeing that the SAT is a time-based test, being able to work within time constraints is a critical skill for success.

Setting goals and objectives

Personalised tutoring programmes put a solid test preparation plan in motion. Goals and objectives point the way forward and provide motivation. In identifying goals and objectives, it is also important to factor in obstacles and challenges that will need to be overcome. A properly prepared programme will set out ways in which this can be done.

For students who need help in determining what their goals are, we suggest using the SMART principle. Yes, the overall goal in sitting the SAT is to obtain the best test scores possible. But how is this to be achieved?

  • Objectives should be specific and clear.
  • Objectives should be measurable.
  • Objectives should be achievable.
  • Objectives should relate to a purpose (the intention to study at a university).
  • Objectives should be attainable within a specified timeframe.

Benefits of personalised tutoring programmes

  • Helps build a positive relationship between tutor and student.
  • Motivation provided to students who struggle academically while working on their own.
  • Students benefit from a well-structured test preparation programme.

Why not give A-List Education a call today and arrange a consultation. One of our client service team members would be more than happy to talk you through how we pair students to professional tutors.

The number one reason to choose customised one-on-one SAT tutoring
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