SAT tutoring tip: How to fuel your motivation to prepare well

Many students equate success with being smart. We know that success also requires being savvy. We believe motivation – that inner fire power – is critically important. Motivation is particularly relevant for students preparing for the SAT. Why? There is no shortcut to obtaining the best possible test scores. Only a thoughtful plan, preparation, and practice exams will help students meet their goals. This takes effort to remain focused and avoid the pitfalls of long-term test prep. To follow-through on a preparation plan, students need to be motivated.


If motivation is an all-important predictor of success, how then does a student become motivated? At A-List Education, one of our top priorities in our tailored one-on-one approach to SAT Tutoring in London is to ensure our students remain motivated to pursue their SAT goals.

How to magnify motivation for SAT preparation

  • Understand the important role of motivation

To best understand the importance of motivation, our SAT tutors frequently put the following question to students: “Why is success in the SAT important to you? Why do you want that top test score so badly?” Answers to these questions will also help identify how SAT Tutoring in London can help.

We encourage our students to make a list of all the reasons that are applicable to them. Over the years, we have heard the common ones (wanting to be accepted into a top university, obtain a scholarship) to the less obvious ones (compete with a sibling who obtained a near-perfect score). Our tutors can help students pinpoint the exact reasons for wanting to do well on the SAT. This list should be placed somewhere highly visible to serve as a reminder and to aid motivation

  • Make the most out of a SAT preparation programme

A reputable tutoring service with a wealth of experience in SAT Tutoring in London makes available high quality practice materials. It is important that these SAT practice materials replicate the format and type of questions students encounter on the actual SAT. SAT questions are often seen as tricky and a useful technique used in answering them is to study their patterns and formats.

  • Adopt positive study habits

Along with using high quality test preparation materials, students need to adopt study habits that are geared towards success. Effective study habits will ensure that students maximize their study time. Many common study habits stand the test of time because they continue to benefit students when implemented correctly.

Some of these study habits include: creating a study plan, keep distractions at bay, and taking practice tests and reviewing one’s mistakes. Reviewing mistakes is important but so is understanding why they were made in the first place; it is the best way to avoid making them again on the actual SAT. Pulling apart the reasons for their mistakes is a hard task for students to do on their own. An experienced SAT tutor can be immensely helpful in understanding where errors were made and how to find the correct answer.

Looking for a SAT preparation service that emphasizes the importance of motivating SAT students? Give A-List Education a call today.

SAT tutoring tip: How to fuel your motivation to prepare well
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