Month: January 2020

How to tell if your student needs SAT tutoring

In the race to gain admission to a leading US university, SAT tutoring in London remains a key component for many students. University admissions are simply too competitive; and a reliable method of obtaining the highest possible test scores is always worth considering. But this does come at a cost, and it is only natural[…]

Why SAT students prefer one-to-one SAT tutoring

Here’s the thing to remember about a standardised test like the SAT – these tests assess testing skills more than academic ability. This is important. Skills are like muscles. They need to be worked on in order to grow and improve. Because skills are improved through consistent and thoughtful practise, students should make the most[…]

How to make the best choice in SAT tutoring plans

For students hoping to further their higher education study at US universities, scoring well on the SAT will be top of the list. The key question to ask is – what is the best SAT preparation method to help students achieve the best possible results? One of the highly sought after beneficial effects of quality[…]

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