Why SAT students prefer one-to-one SAT tutoring

Here’s the thing to remember about a standardised test like the SAT – these tests assess testing skills more than academic ability. This is important. Skills are like muscles. They need to be worked on in order to grow and improve. Because skills are improved through consistent and thoughtful practise, students should make the most of all opportunities to improve their test scores with proven SAT tutoring in London.


Each gain in test scores, no matter how small, can prove quite significant in a student’s successful application. This is one of the main arguments in favour of opting for SAT tutoring in London.

At A-List Education, our experienced and well-trained tutors, together with our customised plans, are not only geared towards helping students gain deeper knowledge of course material, but are also focussed on helping students improve on their test taking skills and strategies. One of our popular test preparation plans is the one-to-one SAT tutoring in London.

Why does one-to-one tutoring work?

The answer lies in the approach of this type of tutoring.

  •  Test taking skills require a strategy

It is not all about content. A student needs to know how to use the course content to offer the best answers. Finding strategies to use can be very difficult and time consuming for students only using self-directed study.  An experienced tutor provides invaluable help and guidance on strategy implementation.

  •  Skills learned are transferable

Accountability, time management and confidence are just some of the transferable set of skills a student tutored by a mentor can benefit from. These skills are not just essential for test taking but will help a student succeed throughout their academic and professional lives.

  • Monitored and managed progress

One of the crucial aspects of having a tutor or mentor is that a student’s progress can be constantly monitored and adjusted if needed. This approach provides that level of individual attention that many students need to increase their test scores. More attention can be given to those areas with which a student needs more help.

  • Rapport between tutor and student increases learning efficiency

In addition to their instructive role, tutors should also play a mentoring role. Having a positive rapport between student and tutor is immensely beneficial to a student’s learning process. They are more likely to be engaged with the sessions, deriving the utmost out of each lesson

  • Targeted instruction bridges the knowledge gap

Very few tutoring methods offer the opportunity for students to catch up and close the knowledge gap. Very often, students who struggle academically do not have a solid foundation in certain concepts and skills. Because of these gaps, students may also lack the confidence needed to seek help. Having their own tutor to help address knowledge gaps helps with both these issues. A tutor will ensure that the basics are well understood before moving on to more complex concepts. Need a question on individual SAT tutoring answered? Get in touch with us at A-List Education.

Why SAT students prefer one-to-one SAT tutoring
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