How SAT tutoring can help you avoid these common mistakes

Students preparing for the SAT will do well to heed some of the many common mistakes made by others who did not attain the test scores they wanted. Here’s a look at the common mistakes that students make before sitting an official SAT test. Many of these mistakes can be best avoided with SAT tutoring in London.

Four common SAT preparation mistakes to be aware of

  1. Preparing for the SAT at the last minute

Students who put off preparing for the SAT until the last minute run the risk of not meeting their test score goals. SAT test scores carry significant weight in the university admissions process, which is why it is designed to be as comprehensive as possible. To put it succinctly – there is a lot of course material to cover.

The consequences of last-minute preparation jeopardises acceptance into a US university. By enrolling for SAT tutoring in London, students receive the required help in designing a preparation timetable that will give them enough time and professional academic support to prepare well.

  • Not knowing what format to prepare for

The SAT test follows a particular format and to score highly in the two areas, students need to develop a strategy to answer the questions. Without knowing the format of the SAT test, it is difficult for students to formulate their strategies. Fortunately, the availability of practice tests can help students familiarise themselves with the SAT test format. Tutors providing SAT tutoring in London, play a valuable role in helping students know what to expect. More than this, experienced tutors who have direct knowledge of the type of test questions asked can help students work out the best strategies to use.

Knowledge of the format serves an additional purpose as well. Timing is one of those critical aspects of test taking that students often fail to plan for. There is a limited amount of time in which a student has to complete the test. With their insider’s knowledge a tutor can offer guidance and best strategies to implement, to ensure a student does not run out of time.

  • Cramming

No amount of cramming will produce desired results. Cramming can only be relied on to produce adverse effects, such as increasing stress and reduces one’s ability to get a good night’s sleep. Both quality sleep and alleviating anxiety and stress help the brain’s memory retention and recall function.  With a well-developed timetable to follow there is no need to cram.

  • Neglecting the importance of practice

This is a mistake more commonly made by stronger and overconfident students. Strong students may have up to this point performed very well in tests. But the SAT should not be considered like every other test. There is certainly no getting around improving test taking skills through practice tests before the official SAT test.

Choose a tutoring company that has expert tutors with real experience of the SAT. A-List Education prides itself on hiring tutors who have scored highly on the SAT themselves and who have graduated from top universities. To find out more, speak to one of our representatives today.

How SAT tutoring can help you avoid these common mistakes
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