How to tell if your student needs SAT tutoring

In the race to gain admission to a leading US university, SAT tutoring in London remains a key component for many students. University admissions are simply too competitive; and a reliable method of obtaining the highest possible test scores is always worth considering. But this does come at a cost, and it is only natural that parents want to know if investing in formal SAT tutoring in London is worth the expense.


 The ultimate end goal of SAT tutoring in London is to maximise a student’s ability to score well on the test. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Our approach at A-List Education includes expanding a student’s knowledge of key content and teaching techniques that allow a student to solve challenging SAT test questions in an efficient and accurate manner. These techniques and strategies are critical as they can boost a student’s score significantly. In addition to this, considering that the SAT is taken under intense time pressure, it is important to help students take on board time management strategies to help them pace themselves appropriately during the examination.

 When is SAT tutoring recommended?

 Should every student engage in tutoring sessions? In our experience as an established SAT tutoring service provider for many years, tutoring services can benefit both academically weak and academically strong students. Even the most capable students can improve on their areas of weakness to take their test cores to a higher level.

 The following factors may help parents and others in their decision making when considering whether to engage in professional tutoring and mentoring services:

 1.        How willing is the student to accept academic support?

Many parents in their own desire for their children to achieve academic success overlook their student’s willingness to put in the extra work. In order for SAT tutoring to offer any advantage, a student must recognise how this type of academic support will help them and engage with it. Without this critical factor, progress is difficult to sustain.

2.         Does the student experience test-taking anxieties?

There are many underlying reasons why a student may feel anxious when it comes to test and exam situations, particularly so, when there is a lot of emphasis placed on the outcomes. Our experienced tutors understand these levels of stress and the various causes for it. Their support and guidance can go a long way to helping a student find effective ways to cope.

 3.        The student has tried the self-directed study route but it is not producing results

The SAT tests the student understanding of core concepts that can be challenging for some, especially those who do not have the foundation skills and knowledge necessary with which to work with. A private tutor working with a student on a one-to-one basis is the best way to address any skills and knowledge gaps a student may have.

When looking for a tutoring service provider with a high satisfaction rate among its students, consider A-List Education. Contact us today to find out which type of tutoring service we offer will suit your student best.

How to tell if your student needs SAT tutoring
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