What are the essential elements of private SAT tutoring?

A-List has carefully designed its tutoring program so essential elements apply to our SAT Tutoring in London. Understanding these components helps students and families determine whether or not to enlist the help of a tutor to help a student succeed on the SAT as part of a compelling US university application. 


While there are many ways to prepare for the SAT, the unique nature of SAT Tutoring in London includes positive aspects that are not typically found in other test preparation methods. These positive aspects centre on motivation, which is widely accepted as critical to a student’s progress towards academic success.

The next component, which is just as important, is having a structured test preparation plan in place. Many students struggle to plan without proper professional help. They may not know how to organise their time or which parts of the test to pay more attention to. At A-List Education, our tutors who supervise SAT Tutoring in London have personally navigated the path of the SAT successfully and are therefore able to provide proven approaches when developing and delivering a reliable study plan.

 5 Plus Points of Formal SAT Tutoring Programmes

 1.        A customised approach

At A-List Education we acknowledge that each student and their parents have different needs and we do our best to try to accommodate these needs by offering more than one type of tutoring service. These services range from in-home private tutors, to Bootcamps sessions, to online tutoring. We can assist students in determining what their exact academic support needs are to devise the most suitable plan.

 2.        Top tutoring talent

Our tutoring support services are backed by the top talent in the industry. We have a rigorous tutor recruiting policy in place to ensure we hire only the most skilled and experienced tutors available in the industry. These tutors have managed to attain the highest test scores themselves and are able to pass on their top tips to their students. In addition to this, we require our tutors to engage in professional training development programs which help them be the best tutors they can be.

 3.        Updated and relevant study material

We place a high priority on ensuring that students enrolled in our programmes are provided with course materials that are updated on a regular basis. These are proprietary that cannot be found elsewhere; materials include exercises and practice problems that are invaluable in testing how well a student has mastered course content, and to identify areas that still need to be worked on.

 4.        Targeted techniques to improve test scores

To improve test scores a student will work to answer as many questions as they can correctly. One way to do this is to identify where they are going wrong with questions that pose a challenge and find techniques to correct their mistakes. It is often hard for students to manage this on their own. An experienced tutor can quickly identify where the problem lies and help a student correct it.

 5.        Focused academic support

Professional tutoring services provide a student with a particular focus to their academic programme that helps them make efficient use of their time. Much time can be lost having to figure out where to start.

Do you need SAT tutoring for your student? Find out more about how A-List Education can help by getting in touch with one of our friendly Customer Representatives today.

What are the essential elements of private SAT tutoring?
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