Key differences between SAT tutoring and a test preparation course

It can be confusing distinguishing between a SAT test preparation course and a tutor offering private in-home SAT Tutoring in London. The two types of academic support services are often used interchangeably. We would like to explain the most important distinctions between the two. Knowing what each type offers will allow parents and students to make the best decision to suit their needs.


At A-List Education we offer SAT Tutoring in London in various forms, from one-to-one tutoring provided in-home, to the Bootcamp experience.

What does the average test preparation programme offer?

Many tutoring service providers run group classes that students are required to attend on a weekly basis. The duration of these group classes vary. These group classes are usually set at a fast pace and students need to keep up with the instruction provided.

 Parents may choose group classes as the cost of tutoring may be lower compared to having a private tutor. While there are quality programmes available – we believe our Bootcamps offer very good value for money – there are benefits to in-home tutoring that should be considered.

The difference a tutor makes in SAT Tutoring in London

It is a difficult task to determine which of the numerous advantages of having a private SAT tutor parents favour. Some of our parents and tutors prefer the personalised attention and that students can learn at their own pace, while others do extremely well with the immediate feedback on their progress. Then there is the convenience and flexibility of scheduling. This type of academic support service is ideal for students who have specific needs which tutors can suitably accommodate.

These are just some of the basic roles expected from a SAT tutor. An exceptional tutor will offer value-ads such as:

  • Providing students with motivation and encouragement which are critical ingredients of academic success.
  • Offering students tips and tricks that they themselves have used successfully when taking the SAT.
  • Having the right set of skills to address deficiencies in a student’s understanding of course content.
  • Helping a student understand where they went wrong after taking a Practice test and showing them how to correct these mistakes. This saves a student invaluable time in having to figure this out for themselves.
  • Providing students with a structured study plan completed over a period of time.

Making students responsible for reporting back to a tutor helps students achieve their goals. If there are distractions to their study programmes that keep throwing them off course such as family, social life, school projects, these can be addressed with the help of a tutor to find a way forward.

Are you shopping around for the best SAT tutoring service? A-List Education has tutors with the required expertise for the SAT. They have in-depth personal knowledge of the academic skills required and are well-trained in tutoring techniques to help gain mastery in their skills and knowledge of course content. Need to know more? Give us a call and speak directly to a customer representative now.

Key differences between SAT tutoring and a test preparation course
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