Month: April 2020

How to choose the right SAT tutoring service

Having been established as a top service provider of SAT tutoring in London, we know well the importance of finding a reputable company that offers a professional, quality level of academic support service. A tutoring service provider’s reputation in the industry is a strong indicator of the customer experience a prospective student can expect. Yes,[…]

What to do When Placed on the “Waitlist”

  As you review your US university offers, you may have been surprised to be placed on a “waitlist.” UK universities do not use this enrolment management tool so it can be somewhat confusing. Though being placed on the waitlist is not the offer of admission you had hoped for, it is good news and[…]

Why should I choose A-List Education for SAT tutoring?

It is important for students and parents interested in SAT tutoring in London to carefully consider the different types of services and programmes available, as each type has its own benefits. Some students thrive with a one-on-one test preparation programme, while others are quite comfortable in a classroom environment. An established tutoring company like A-List[…]

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