Inspiring Responses to COVID-19

As we all grapple with the daily news about COVID-19, it can help to know how people throughout the world are responding to the pandemic with positive community action. Though the novel coronavirus has changed the way we live, it’s inspiring to read stories of those who rise to the occasion and support others. In this email, A-List has curated stories that highlight the best of what we can all do during this uncertain time.

In Canada, people have formed virtual groups to create mutual aid societies. They call this practice “caremongering” as a way to fight the fearmongering that we are experiencing in our daily lives. The Washington Post highlighted this practice and explained “caremongers are coming together to form networks to support their communities, including people who are stuck at home, financially precarious or otherwise in distress. Groups have sprung up across the country, many organizing through social media platforms. They vary in form and size, from a handful of members to thousands. Some distribute food and supplies while others coordinate and run errands for those unable to do them. And some serve as a platform to organize volunteers.” This practice may have sprung up in Canada, but its principles translate all over the world. The article also provided a google doc with tips on how to set up your own caremongering group in your community.

Young people are also spearheading initiatives that are supporting vulnerable community members. Because the elderly seem to suffer from the effects of coronavirus more than other groups, a teenager in California started an organization called Zoomers for Boomers. A playful generational twist, this group helps older people order groceries that are then delivered by local teenage volunteers. Daniel Goldberg started the group because “I saw my dad (Dr. Brian Goldberg) going into work at the ER every day and he was putting himself out on the front line,” Daniel said. “I was just sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. I was like: ‘There has to be something I can do to try help out in the community. I started thinking and brainstorming on how I can help.'” Daniel then asked thirteen of his friends to assist. They all adhere to strict sanitation standards and wear masks and gloves. The service is free and all tips are donated to a local charity. This simple idea is making a big difference.

In the UK, the community of Walsall, has also started local programs that inspire others to act. Their Walsall For All group has started a “Combat COVID” social media campaign and a food drive for a local foodbank. These programs are in line with the British Red Cross recommendations. The Red Cross has a long history of being first responders in a crisis. This astute organisation is a great place to volunteer if you want to help in your community.

If you would like to discuss any of your ideas about how you can safely work with others during this time, please feel free to reach out to an A-List advisor for tips and support. You may want to view our recorded webinar on CV development for some other great ideas. You can do so by visiting our webinar library.

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Inspiring Responses to COVID-19
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