What is the role of mentorship in SAT tutoring in London?

A student’s motivation to succeed is a critical part of the learning process. This is one of the reasons why we focus on mentorship in our one-on-one SAT tutoring in London services.


Academics have found that student motivation influences their behaviour and attitude towards their goals in regards to university-admissions tests like the SAT. An A-List Education tutor providing SAT tutoring in London is best placed to offer a student the encouragement and support to increase their motivation and thus succeed at their goals. This is because we go to great lengths to ensure the tutors we hire, in addition to having particular skills, undergo rigorous professional training in SAT tutoring. Our tutors have all gone through the typical challenges a student sitting the SAT faces, and they have first-hand experience and knowledge in tackling these pitfalls successfully.

How Does Mentorship Work?

As a mentor, a tutor injects energy into a student’s prep programme and helps sustain the momentum of those positive behaviours throughout its duration. For motivation to work, a student needs to have goals to focus on and be able to identify what consistent actions are required to achieve them.

When students struggle with academic-related concepts, it is easy for them to decrease their efforts and energy in their test prep plans. A tutor’s role is to address gaps in knowledge which goes a long way to boosting a student’s enthusiasm and academic capabilities. We have found that in order for a student to positively approach a challenging concept, they need more than academic instruction – a student also needs kindness, encouragement, and positive feedback.

A motivated student is more time devoted to activities on their test prep plans.

A-List Education tutors can:

  • Direct students’ attention to those tasks that need to be done.
  • Suggest tips that help minimize distractions as well as how to resist them better.
  • Influence how much material a student is able to retain and store.
  • Influence the student’s perception of how easy or difficult the SAT questions can appear.

In one-on-one tutoring secessions, a student can feel more secure and safe to ask questions and seek clarification without feeling judged. Within this structure, students are more likely to thrive.

Sometimes more than one teaching method is needed for a student to learn new concepts and retain information. An experienced SAT tutor, through their many years of tutoring, will know and deploy numerous teaching methods. Applying these different methods to find the most effective ones for an individual student will produce the desired results.

It is easy for students to lose motivation whilst prepping for intensive tests like the SAT. Do you need an experienced SAT tutor to help your student stay motivated and driven to reach their SAT score goals? Our quality tutoring services offered at A-List Education can have a dramatic effect on your student’s performance on the SAT. Please feel free to get in touch for more details.

What is the role of mentorship in SAT tutoring in London?
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