Month: July 2020

The value of Summer Programmes, CV Development and SAT Tutoring in London

The idea of studying your favourite subject in the USA is an enticing prospect for many UK students. Indeed, with many prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton (to name just a few) it is understandable why so many students from across the world will dedicate so much of their time and effort towards[…]

Preparing for the SAT with SAT tutoring in London

A successful US university application is composed of multiple parts. At A-List Education, our experienced tutors and advisors can help with each component. Studying for the SAT is an incredibly important task for any prospective student who is dreaming of attending a US university. The SAT is an exam that is required to gain entry[…]

Unpacking US University Rankings

    Considering the variety within the higher education landscape, it is understandable that students turn to rankings as a way to prioritize their university research process and to make decisions about where to apply.  However, demystify these rankings can actually help students find the right school for them. Understanding the metrics used as well[…]

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