Questions about the SAT and SAT tutoring in London

There are a lot of things that you can do if you are a student preparing for the SAT. Studying and practicing exams are all very important tasks for a student to do before taking and official SAT. Students often start their preparation for these tests months in advance of the test date. It is possible for students to feel overwhelmed by the intense studying that they have to do to succeed.


One good way to reduce the risk of becoming overwhelmed and to increase a student’s chances of success on the SAT is to seek SAT tutoring in London. SAT tutoring in London can help to alleviate many of a student’s worries or stresses about taking the SAT by ensuring that they have proper preparation. Furthermore, good quality tutoring from an experienced SAT tutor can also help to answer many of the questions a student may have about what the SAT entails.

Because of this, it is important for a student who wants SAT tutoring in London to try and get the best quality tutoring that they can. Here at A-List Education, we are very proud of our well-earned reputation for improving a student’s results. For example, students who have attended one of our Bootcamps, and/or have had one-to-one sessions with one of our highly-trained tutors will on average improve their SAT results by 166 points (The SAT being an exam that is scored out of 1600 points). In addition, we pride ourselves on treating every student as an individual, and we develop personalised plans for every student, to make sure that our tutoring can fit around a student’s existing demands from their course work and other university applications.

Things to know in preparation for the SAT

As touched on earlier, students who are currently uncertain about the SAT or what it entails may potentially find themselves a bit overwhelmed. To help with this, we’ll outline some answers to questions people may have about the SAT. Whilst each student will have different thoughts and possible concerns about the SAT (which can be discussed in more depth with a tutor), these are some of the common questions:

One of the first things to know is when to take the SAT. The SAT tests first happen in March and May and then there are dates in June, August, October, November, and December.

Some students worry about when they should start preparing for the SAT. Regardless, of when exactly a student starts, regular practice tests and study is very important.

Questions about the SAT and SAT tutoring in London
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