Month: August 2020

The Genre of the Personal Statement: Key Features

The US personal statement is a unique essay within the higher education landscape. Though most universities across the globe want a writing sample to assess your academic ability and interest in a specific course, the US asks for a personal narrative that highlights key values and qualities that you will bring to the university community. Writing[…]

Why Apply to US Universities?

For international students, trying to decipher the vast amount of information about universities in the US can be overwhelming. Because this is a decision that requires careful thought and planning, A-List works to support students and families with expert advice and coaching. Here are some reasons why applying to a US uni might be the[…]

Registering for the SAT: What are my next steps?

After deciding to apply to US universities, your next step is to ensure you are registered and reading for one of the standardized tests required by most schools. The SAT, an American standardised test assessing your critical reasoning, critical reading, problem solving ability, and understanding of grammar conventions. Preparing for the SAT can be an[…]

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