Why Apply to US Universities?

For international students, trying to decipher the vast amount of information about universities in the US can be overwhelming. Because this is a decision that requires careful thought and planning, A-List works to support students and families with expert advice and coaching.

Here are some reasons why applying to a US uni might be the right choice for you:

Quality and Variety of US universities

There are over 4,500 universities offering undergraduate degrees in the United States, compared to the 130 schools in the UK. The sheer size of the US higher education system makes it enviable in terms of choice and quality. The vast array of US schools means students can choose universities, at every level of selectivity, that align with their values, desire for certain classroom environments, and community activities they enjoy.  

Campus Life

Living in a community, sharing meals, rooms, and collaborating both in and outside the classroom are some of the hallmarks of a US university education.  Universities in the US help cultivate these connections through gorgeous campus environments which often include everything a community could possibly need.  

As the US is a diverse country with distinct cultures in different regions, universities, even with similar course offerings and academic programs, can have dramatically different campus environments. It’s wise to consult with an advisor to help find the best school for you.

Flexible Degrees and Focus on Teaching

When you apply to a US uni, you apply directly to the school and not to a specific course. Many students are unsure of exactly what they want to study when they are seventeen. If you need more time to decide on your areas of focus, studying in the US might be right for you! Most schools in the US do not ask students to commit to their “major” (the American equivalent of a “course.”) until the end of the second year of university.  

Also, the pedagogical ethos in the US is more student centred than in other global university destinations. Students who want to be mentored by their professors and understand the material better when they feel personally connected in the classroom might find that the US is the best option for them.

Internationalise your CV

Choosing to study in the US can have a positive impact on your professional life after university. Studying abroad gives you a global outlook and independence. Employers value these qualities in an ever-increasing interdependent marketplace. Also, students at universities in the US are encouraged to have internships and work experience during their undergraduate years. This often helps students make connections in the fields they aspire to join. Also, students are granted a year to work in the states with their F-1 visa.   

Funding Opportunities

American universities have a reputation for being extremely expensive. There is no contesting that the sticker price for a US education is higher than the current UK tuition fees and certainly isn’t free like many European systems. However, universities in the US have large endowments and financial aid practices that significantly reduce the cost to students and families.  Speaking with an advisor about these opportunities may make your US education even more affordable than school in the UK.

If these reasons resonate with your expectations for university, please reach out to us! We would love to help.

Why Apply to US Universities?
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