Best Universities for International Students

If you are an international student interested in universities in the US, you might wonder which school is right for you. With over 4,500 schools to choose from, determining the best colleges for international students isn’t easy. At A-List, we are here to help.

Though most universities in the US welcome international students and are eager to have them be part of their diverse communities, there are some notable schools with strong international student populations. We recommend you consider applying to the following:

Carnegie Mellon University: Located in Pittsburg, PA, this world-renown university is an academic powerhouse. It has exceptional programs in computer science, economics as well as musical theatre. Also, international students comprise 22% of the student population—meaning you are likely to find friends and peers who share your experience.

Brandeis: This mid-sized university is located just outside of Boston—a part of the US with more students per capita than any other city in the country! It’s one of the best colleges for international students because they comprise 20% of the student body. Also, Brandeis ensures that all students develop a global mindset by making an international studies course part of the core curriculum. Students who want to make the complex global structures the focus of their studies, can choose the International and Global Studies major at Brandeis.

Emory University: Located in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the most diverse cities in the US, Emory provides a top-notch education and a lively international community. It’s one of the universities in the US with 16% international students and that number is growing! Students interested in public health, bio-chemistry, and business will find ample opportunities at Emory.

For international students attracted to small liberal arts colleges, and the community and professor attention they provide, there are also great options:

Mount Holyoke College: One of the original seven sisters, Mount Holyoke is a women’s college in western Massachusetts. Though it has a traditional history for a university in the US, currently international students comprise 27% of the student body—helping bring Mount Holyoke into the 21st century. This lovely college is also part of a consortium and enrolled students can take classes at Amherst, UMASS Amherst, and Smith college.

Grinnell College: Located in the American Midwest, this school’s dynamic culture, excellent academics, and merit scholarships have attracted so many international students they now comprise 19% of the student population.  Strong academic departments are available across all disciplines. The most popular majors include computer science, literature and languages, and biology. For international students willing to travel to Iowa, this is one of the best schools for you to consider!

If you would like more insight into the universities in the US that are best for international students, A-List would love to speak with you! Please reach out to one of our professional advisors.

Best Universities for International Students
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