Month: October 2020

UC Applications: Tips and Deadlines

The University of California system is famous around the globe. International students are drawn to the excellent academics and the idea of spending four years in California. This system of nine universities includes UCLA and UC Berkeley. The system receives over 200,000 applicants every year and is considered highly selective. Also, the UC system has[…]

SAT Subject Tests: 10 Tips for Success

SAT Subject Tests strengthen an applicant’s profile. Selective US schools seek nuanced information to make choices among a highly qualified pool of students. These Subject Tests, an hour-long multiple-choice test on specific content areas, are an excellent opportunity for students to highlight their expertise on various academic topics. There are SAT Subject tests in twenty[…]

White Paper: Rankings

Helping students make informed choices as they apply to US universities is of paramount importance. As counsellors, we are expected to support students’ aspirations as well as reassure families that their students will thrive during their university years and there will be a return on investment. Many students and families come to counsellors with a[…]

Revision: Make the Most of Mistakes

At A-List, we appreciate that students want to mark their practice tests only with ticks, sailing down the page, celebrating their accuracy. However, making mistakes on SAT practice tests is an important step towards earning good SAT scores. Mistakes allow students to better understand how to approach questions and this helps them approve their overall[…]

Common App Tips: Activities Section

The Common Application is the centralised portal to over 800 American universities. This online application enables students to share key academic information to all the schools on their application lists. This application is also where students detail their extracurricular record. The “Activities” section on the Common App carries significant weight to the review and admissions[…]

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