Month: November 2020

US Applications: How to Prioritise Schools on Your List

As students prepare their applications for universities in the US, they may wonder if it’s a good idea to add additional selective schools to their list. Most often, students want to apply to world renown universities in the hopes that an admissions committee will view their academic results and extracurricular accomplishments favorably and offer them[…]

Key strategies for top IB grades

Though the US admissions review process is holistic—taking into account extracurricular achievements, essays, recommendations, and standarised test scores—grades are still the most important part of the application. For students doing the International Baccalaureate (IB)diploma programme, receiving a 45 prediction is the ultimate goal. Working with a private tutor can help you work efficiently towards this[…]

Mindfulness to Ease Stress during Admissions Season

Mindfulness has been shown to have a positive impact in people’s lives, both in terms of wellness and mental health and performance outcomes. Higher levels of mindfulness have been associated with better grade, and even higher standardised test scores. Students who are applying for colleges who have undertaken a mindfulness practice have also been found[…]

Strengthen your STEM skills through online tutoring!

Top grades in A-Level chemistry, biology, physics and further maths – and their IB equivalents – require a deep understanding of a broad range of concepts as well as the mental flexibility to apply those concepts in a variety of situations. To cover so much material, a group class cannot dive as deeply into core[…]

Why a private tutor might be best for you

Twenty-first century students have ever increasing academic responsibilities and daunting deadline. In education, one approach does not suit everyone! A personal tutor offers the tailored feedback, personal pacing, and goalsetting that helps students reach their full potential. Advantages of Personal Tutoring: 1)      Tailored Feedback: individual tutors offer real-time feedback based on personalised assignments that provide[…]

How online tutoring can get you A*s

As you work towards your university goals, earning top grades is the first and most important step. Though the US admissions process will also examine your extracurricular record, essays, test scores, and recommendations, your grades are the cornerstone of your application. At-A-List, we have experts to help you excel in your A-Level courses or IB[…]

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