Month: December 2020

Submitting Regular Decision Applications

During the holiday period, we know that many students will be finalising their university applications. Most universities in the US have a January 1st deadline! And though students deserve a break after a stressful term, the A-List Advising Team does recommend that students submit their applications before the deadline. Why You Should Submit Early: Submitting[…]

Early Decision and Early Action Results: What They Mean

If you applied Early Action, Restrictive Early Action, or Early Decision 1, then you can expect to hear from schools beginning in the middle of December. Precise dates are determined by individual institutions. Below, A-List has outlined the possible outcomes and what they mean. Acceptance: Success! You have been offered a place. In most instances, this[…]

A-List tutoring: get a great SAT AND prepare for university

Preparing for the SAT is a long journey, but it has multiple benefits! At A-List, the skills our students develop as they prepare for the SAT also help them excel at university. At A-List Education, we prioritise a growth mindset, strategy, and academic extension. Working with an academic advisor or private tutor, you will develop[…]

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