Month: March 2021

Specialised US Universities: Focus on the ARTS

For budding artists, American universities offer excellent opportunities. Students can apply to schools with strong fine arts departments or they can apply to universities focused solely on the arts. Applying to art school is different than applying to schools that offer courses across the disciplines. Students will need to prepare an artist’s statement and a[…]

Athletic Recruitment and US University Admissions

International students find American universities appealing because of the top-notch academics and campus culture. Also, for some students, attending a US uni is one way to continuing playing a sport at an almost professional level. US universities investment in their athletic programmes is unparalleled in the global higher education. However, being a recruited athlete, or[…]

Contacting US Unis: Top Tips

The US university admissions process requires completing an application, writing numerous essays, and succeeding on standardised tests! These are the explicit requirements. However, savvy students will also ensure that American universities understand they are a student’s first choice. To get accepted to selective American universities, students should make consistent and thoughtful contact with admission representatives[…]

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