By the middle of April, the majority of US uni decisions were released. This was an especially competitive year as the most selective schools saw a significant increase in applications. This surge in applications does impact how admissions committees award decisions. Unfortunately, this means that more students will be denied. However, this also means that more students were waitlisted!

Being offered a place on the waitlist is good news! We appreciate this is not the acceptance you were hoping for, but a place on the waitlist means the school believes you are qualified to attend and would thrive at the school. Because most US universities are also residential communities, the waitlist allows schools to manage the exact number of students who will live on campus. Thus, a school does want to remove some students from their waitlist. This means, you may have a chance to get accepted and attend your first-choice school.

Waitlist Key Steps

  • Put a deposit on another school. You are not likely to hear about your status on the waitlist till after it is time to accept a spot and place a deposit. If you decide to attend another school after being removed from the waitlist, you will lose this deposit.
  • Write a letter of continued interest. Most schools will have specific steps for accepting a spot on their waitlist—checking a box on the admissions portal etc. However, we also recommend that you write a letter explaining why the school remains your first choice and highlight any academic and extracurricular achievements since you applied. This is an important step!
  • Be patient. Managing university enrolment is complicated! And as some students throughout the globe are still struggling with pandemic conditions which schools are trying to accommodate. Thus, it may be late into the summer before you find out you are removed from the waitlist.

If you have any questions about your US uni offers, please feel free to reach out to our team! We would be happy to help.

Waitlists: What to Do Next
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