Half-term is an excellent time push your standardised test preparation forwards ahead of the December SAT and ACT tests. To take full advantage of half-term, use these top three tips to raise your score in this short time scale:

Know Your Level going into the halfterm

If you have not taken a diagnostic SAT or ACT, we recommend doing so promptly so that you can gauge the type of preparation you would most benefit from during half-term. Do you need to shore up your grammar fundamentals or do you need to work on SAT Math technique and timing?

Contact our Client Service Team to get set up with a diagnostic test, which you should complete timed and in one sitting. After sitting the diagnostic, our Academic Team, experienced educators and test prep experts who lead and develop our tutor cohort, is on hand to offer free consultations on how to interpret your score report and brainstorm next steps.

Make A Plan

You will glean most benefit from your half-term week by creating a structured study plan. This should include time spent consolidating content, practicing drills, and completing test questions. If you like help devising a study plan for standardised test preparation, consider working with a private tutor.

Your tutor will devise curriculum that suits their student’s strengths and homes in on specific areas for improvement as well as providing space for deeper dives into individual questions that otherwise might not be reviewed in group courses. Instead of staring blankly at the assignment or seeking assistance in the mines of Reddit, you will develop multiple ways to frame and approach the tricky questions in front of you. We are also available to provide various schedules that can work for completing homework.

Prioritise Strategy

At A-List Education UK, we prioritise mindset, strategy and academic excellence as all three are needed for good SAT scores and good ACT scoresRemember: every SAT and ACT question from the easiest to the hardest is worth the same amount! Use this knowledge to develop your test strategy. 

Working with a private tutor, you will develop study, research and exam skills personalised to your method of learning that not only prepare you for your standardised tests, but also aid in strong performance in schoolwork and in your university degree.

Contact our Client Service Team today to get set up with a diagnostic, to schedule a free consultation with our Academic Team, and to meet one of our Ivy League tutors.

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Half Term Prep: Raise Your SAT/ACT Scores
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