Whether you are taking the SAT next month or next year, a test prep plan is crucial for good SAT/ACT scores! Designing your academic planning to incorporate SAT/ACT revision with your schoolwork will help you succeed in both. So how do you begin?


Step One is to take a diagnostic test! You must understand your baseline to plan to improve it. Our Client Service Team can set you up not only with a diagnostic but also a free 30-minute conversation with a member of our Academic Team to analyse your performance afterwards!


Step Number Two is to review your performance. You want to identify your areas of strength as well as those you need to improve. A-List’s tutors have been providing top quality tutoring for over fifteen years, and our Academic Team – as our academic leadership – have an extraordinary depth of standardised testing knowledge: take advantage of speaking with them!


Step Three is to select a test date. Make sure you register (early!) for at least two, preferably three, test sittings that still give you plenty of time before your application dates. Ideally, you would give yourself six months or more to prepare for the SAT/ACTs, but it is possible to prepare effectively in less time with enough effort and clever strategy.


Step Four is to create your weekly plan. Write out the hours you have between school and bedtime and then from them schedule time for homework, SAT/ACT revision, extracurricular activities, and your relaxation time. Yes! Schedule your relaxation time! Giving yourself specific times to relax (and sticking to them!) will vastly improve not only your productivity but also your stamina and efficacy in general.


Step Five is to stick to your study plan! Our previous blogs have dived deeply into what this should look like (check them out for full details!), but your ACT/SAT study plan should involve time to drill the content, complete timed sections and at least two full, timed practice papers. If you would like guidance and personalised strategies, as well as special test techniques guaranteed to improve score(!), consider private tutoring. All our private tutors have scored superbly on their own SATs and ACTs, and all attended the best universities in America (the majority attending Harvard!).

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Test Prep Plan What to Do and When
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