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At US universities, your final graduation grade is assessed from your first assignment. The vesting system in the UK does not exist and every assignment affects your overall grade. That means you need to begin university with strong academic organisation, time management, and reading and research skills. Preparing to meet these challenges before you begin university is a savvy strategy.


The positive academic habits that lead to college success take time to build. Academic mentoring and coaching, working with a private tutor as an academic mentor, provides opportunity to develop your academic planning skills and extend yourself beyond the school curricula. This work puts you in a stronger position to manage university course expectations and the more sophisticated material you will study.


Working with an academic mentor is an asset at any stage during a student’s school career.  However, it is particularly useful in lower and upper sixth form as students begin the complex assignments they will continue at university. At this stage, learning how to best to structure your time for maximum efficacy and maximum marks will help you achieve the results you need for a top US university offer. An academic mentor also provides guidance and support for the academic extra-curricular projects that help students stand out in a competitive application pool.


During term time, even while balancing school coursework, it is beneficial to continue deepening and broadening your intellectual pursuits and understanding. An academic mentor provides guidance into the reading and research that will help you succeed when once you arrive at university.


To discuss how mentorship and coaching can help you achieve your goals, please reach out to our Client Service Team.

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Academic Mentoring and Meeting Your Goals
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