You may want to do some strategic planning during this flexible time:


First, you want to honestly review your academic trajectory and achievements. How do your marks look? In what academic competitions or projects have you distinguished yourself? What subject areas enthuse you particularly? Even if you are not met all your goals, it is crucial to be up front with where you are. This will allow you develop a plan so you can grow as a student and meet your goals.


Now you understand where you are starting from, you can plan where you are going! Planning overarching goals can be daunting. If a 5-year plan is not for you, break it down into manageable segments. Select one academic, one personal, and one extra-curricular goal to work on for the holiday period. Make the goals realistic and achievable without exhausting yourself. An academic mentor can also help you work out and shape your aims.

As you work towards these holiday goals, reflect upon how you can follow a similar plan for the rest of the year. Do you have a topic for your Extended Essay? Could you push yourself in your subject areas more (for example, with extra, high quality essays or academic projects)? Write out each goal and pin them somewhere visible.


Planning for this academic success requires discipline and forward thinking – and that can be challenging! Working with an academic mentor or private tutor provides opportunity for tailored guidance, personal exploration, and extension into desired topics areas so that you stand out in the classroom, exam hall, and on university applications.

Mentoring and coaching will help you create a timetable to include time for studying, homework, extracurricular activities, and developing your academic portfolio.  

Academic planning can be daunting, but you do not have to face it alone. Contact our Academic Team to learn more about how one of our experienced private tutors can help you shape your academic portfolio in an empowered and stress-free fashion through our mentoring and coaching programme.

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How to Plan for Academic Success
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