Edwood Smallwood
Edward Smallwood

Harvard University (BA), New York University (MS), Columbia Business School & London Business School (MBA)

Ed Smallwood grew up in the United Kingdom but as the son of an American mother and a British father, he has always spent time on both sides of the pond. In 2005, Ed joined his Harvard classmate, Scott Farber, to found A-List Education in New York. In 2012, Ed returned to London to set up A-List UK, with the objectives of broadening access to US higher education and guiding international students through the complexities of the US college application process.

Growing up, Ed passed through the British independent school system and attended Harrow School. As he entered Sixth Form and started exploring university options, he was drawn to the US Liberal Arts curriculum and a desire to be challenged by new experiences and people. While his mother did not permit him to apply to her alma mater, Stanford, for fear that he would never return from the Californian sunshine, Ed was thrilled to be accepted to Harvard University. While at Harvard, Ed started as an English concentrator but switched to Hispanic Studies, welcomed the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, to campus and met his future wife.

Following graduation, Ed and Scott packed their bags and set off for Ecuador where they ran a development project financed by the British government in a community that had been devastated by El Niño. In addition to designing an entire organic recycling system, including off-road rubbish-collection tricycles, they successfully built an educational outreach programme. Ed returned to New York and worked in the online marketing division of Grey Global Group while enrolling in an MS in Integrated Marketing at New York University. As the Capstone project for the degree, Ed wrote a detailed business and marketing plan for the nascent A-List Education. Soon after, Ed joined the A-List founders taking on the role of Executive Vice President and overseeing a variety of functions including finance and marketing. Ed continued his transatlantic voyage by enrolling in a joint MBA programme at Columbia Business School and London Business School.

In 2012, Ed returned to London – in time for the Olympics – to set up A-List Education UK, where he serves as Managing Director. Ed enjoys working with students, teachers, schools and institutions to strengthen the bridge between the American and British educational systems and to open those opportunities to all types of learners. Ed continues to work on A-List’s global executive management team, helping to oversee the company’s expansion in the US, Middle East and China. He’s always delighted to meet with families that are considering the US track or schools that are seeking US guidance for their students.

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