The Guide to Decide

SAT or ACT? Which test is right for me?

The SAT and ACT each have unique characteristics in the way questions are presented, how much time you have to answer questions, and the depth of the material. To help students get a feel for both exams and determine which test content is a better fit for their strengths, A-List’s “Guide to Decide” is the perfect way to start!

After completion, our Client Services Team will send each student their personalised results and our recommendation as to which test content aligns with their strengths.

Though this tool is a fantastic way to get a preview of the SAT and ACT content and know which material you prefer, we always recommend students take a full diagnostic to really get a feel for the entire test(s) in all their exhausting glory. The best thing to do once you receive your results is to use the recommendations to choose a full-length diagnostic.

Please give yourself 60 minutes to complete this exercise. Your follow-up report will be sent to you within 1-2 business days.


Prefer to take a full diagnostic exam?

The SAT and ACT are not unlike marathons – a preview may tell you a lot about your own strengths and areas for improvement, but it will not be able to tell you how you fare after 2.5 hours of testing, just like 15 minutes of running will not tell you how your legs work after 20 miles.

If you’d prefer to take a full-length diagnostic, submit our enquiry form below, and a member of CST will get in touch to arrange your testing.

 Enquiry Form

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