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The A-List Approach

Standardized tests dominate the process of applying to colleges. Between SATs, ACTs, AP Exams, IB Exams, IELTS, and A-Levels, high school can be a very stressful time. With more than 3 million students competing for spots in the world’s best colleges, the SAT and ACT are the focus of families around the world.

A huge part of being successful on these exams is having the right preparation program. This is where A-List comes in. Our instructors help students develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which are vital not only for the SAT or ACT but also for their academic careers in university and beyond.

Built around customized, one-on-one tutoring, our comprehensive program takes a personalized approach for each student. A-List works hard to match the student’s learning style with the tutor who we feel best complements their personality, goals, academic needs, and interests. For most students, this initial step is the most important. Once we find the right match, we begin the student’s program with weekly lessons, individualized homework assignments, and regular practice exams.

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What sets us apart from our competitors?

    • Our one-on-one, in-person and online test preparation
      We provide families with private, individualized prep solutions, recognizing that convenience and ease of scheduling are critical for students juggling numerous academic and extracurricular commitments . We work with students in their homes, at our offices, and via online video platforms
    • A flexible, customized curriculum
      Our programs are customized for each individual student’s needs. We understand that academic strengths and learning styles vary dramatically, and our team of expert tutors is committed to adapting our curriculum accordingly so that each student derives maximum benefit from their time at A-List.
    • An integrated approach
      Our program combines subject review with test strategies to address the foundational aspects of the test and provide methods to answer questions accurately and efficiently. Our instructors work with students to develop a strong understanding of the specific content assessed by each exam, and administer regular, full-length practice tests to ensure they are effectively applying preparation techniques discussed in class.
    • Long-term focus
      The strategies we teach don’t just prepare students for the ACT or SAT. Skills like problem solving, critical analysis, and data interpretation are vital to academic success at university and beyond.
    • Quality instruction
      Our tutors are dedicated professionals who have scored in the top percentiles on both exams. They have each completed our comprehensive training program and are prepared to teach every section of the SAT and ACT. As recent college graduates, our tutors are an invaluable resource in the test preparation process and are committed to helping all students realize their academic potential.

Complete our get started form to provide us with more information about your student. An A-List representative will give you a call within a few days to answer any of your questions about our program and to get you matched with the right tutor!

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