Customised Tutoring Plans

A-List recognises that no two students are alike, and as such, every A-List student receives a custom learning plan designed by their tutor. This personalised blueprint allows students to move at their own pace and concentrate on the subjects that will help them the most. When designing a program, our tutors consider a student’s personality, academic strengths, prior test-taking history, and extracurricular interests in order to create a unique plan that will keep students engaged and maximise their score. As a result of these tailored programs, A-List students frequently attain some of the highest score improvements in the industry.

  • Flexible Pace – students work through each subject as quickly or slowly as they need to. No time is wasted covering material they already understand.
  • Versatile Playbook – A-List instructors have a wealth of outside drills, exercises, and assignments they can draw from to address a student’s particular needs.
  • Custom Scheduling – Want to be ready for the December test? February? A-List instructors can work at whatever speed is convenient for you and your student.
  • Call for Backup – The A-List team includes expert subject tutors, who can be brought in to explain even the most challenging topics.

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