Strategy & Content Focus

A-List uses an integrated approach focusing on both strategy and content. Our curriculum and materials include a suite of tips, hints, and alternate methods for addressing questions on every exam, but we also address the underlying principles of content to impart a more holistic comprehension of exams. So, in addition to teaching all the “tricks” we know, we also make sure students are skilled enough to understand basic content from fractions and subject-verb agreement to more complex content, like trigonometric transformations and dangling modifiers.  We find that this combination helps students address even the hardest of questions, understanding their underlying purpose as well as ways to make them more accessible.

  • Our regular practice tests help tutors hone in on areas of strength and weakness, whether they are in content or strategy
  • A-List has a flexible curriculum that tutors can modify to meet the needs of any student; instructors can slow down to ensure mastery of simple concepts or speed up for advanced students
  • All of our materials are designed to cultivate mastery of content, while also making sure to remind students when strategies are important

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