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Director Tutor, University Advisor
Stephanie Abbott-Grobicki
Stephanie has always had a passion for teaching others – starting with tutoring her classmates in high school and continuing teaching all through her college years as a language and maths tutor. Stephanie has been working for A-List since moving to London, and she has since become one of A-List’s most requested tutors and advisors. She is passionate about helping students achieve their target scores and navigate the stressful period of applying to universities. Stephanie has taught school courses both online and in person at Wellington College, Westminster, Sevenoaks, Harrow, and St Mary’s Ascot School, as well as her individual clients. She has experience teaching students with both ADHD and dyslexia and works closely with both the student and the parent to devise a plan that will work for the student’s timeline and also maximise confidence in their learning. Although her university background is in the Arts and Social Sciences, Stephanie took higher Maths for her IB diploma as well as pursuing maths classes at university.

For the past two years, she has also been advising students on their applications and working on university essays. In 2020, Stephanie was honoured to be selected as a University of Chicago Outstanding Educator by one of her A-List students.

Born in London, Stephanie grew up in South Africa and France before completing her IB at the UWC of the Atlantic in Wales. She studied Theatre and Politics at Dartmouth College, graduating with honours. When she’s not teaching, Stephanie is a professional actor, recently appearing on the West End and having her own play featured during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She finds that her experience in studying theatre and her experience as a performer allows her to adapt to any situation with a student. She prioritises listening to the student and making sure that they have a safe environment in which to try, fail, and succeed.

Stephanie's subject specialties

  • ACT
  • SAT
  • SSAT
  • ISEE
  • Bocconi
  • GCSE (English Literature)
  • GCSE (Maths)
  • GCSE (Drama)
  • A-Level (English Literature)
  • A-Level (Drama)
  • IB (Maths Studies)
  • IB (Standard Maths)
  • IB (Standard Maths)
  • IB (Higher Maths)
  • IB (Extended Essay)
  • College Essays
  • Personal Statement
  • Writing Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Interview Skills
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Our services to help you succeed

  • SAT & ACT diagnostics
  • SAT & ACT preparation
  • SAT & ACT courses
  • Test specific tuition
  • US university advising
  • Application guidance
  • Common Application
  • Early vs. Regular strategy
  • Course & Extracurriculars
  • Summer Programs
  • College Essays
  • Scholarship guidance
  • Bespoke campus tours
  • Targeted tuition
  • Academic mentoring
  • School partnerships

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