Academic Mentoring

At A-List, our commitment goes beyond just helping students gain admission to their desired US college. Our academic mentoring and personalised coaching programmes are designed to also help students thrive once they've been accepted.

What is Academic Mentoring?

Academic Mentoring helps students become self-starting, independent, and organised thinkers capable of managing their workload.

Our Ivy-League educated mentors will talk to you about your current learning strategies, create personalised coaching plans to meet each student's needs, and provide accountability and encouragement as new ways of learning are adapted.  

Academic Mentoring Benefits

Our academic mentoring programme will provide you with the skills and experiences you need to succeed. Our mentors provide personalised support and guidance including regular meetings to keep students on track and a personalised course on our e-learning platform to track their goals. By investing in academic coaching, you'll gain access to a wealth of benefits, including: 

  • Critical reading skills and reading stamina
  • Leadership skills
  • Coaching on time management, organisation, and prioritisation
  • Guided revision and homework management
  • Self-organisation
  • Academic personal brand and CV development
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • University or school onboarding

What motivated us

With nearly twenty years of test preparation and university advising since 2005, we understand the challenges students face in motivating and organising themselves to study with their increasing workloads. We also recognize the difficulty of stopping work when it becomes unproductive. That's why we created a service to support students in starting and maintaining their study process.

An Academic Mentoring case study

Despite showing promise, Joe's* academic performance was hindered by incomplete homework assignments and mediocre test scores. He struggled to effectively manage his study time alongside his sports commitments and lacked an organized system for tracking homework and preparing for exams, ultimately impacting his academic outcomes.
A mentor from the Academic Mentoring programme understood Joe's challenges and commitments, including his athletic training. They developed a tailored note-taking system and study schedule that complemented Joe's learning style and accommodated his other commitments. The mentor continued to meet with Joe weekly to ensure he stayed on track.
Joe's academic performance improved significantly by the end of the term. His grades and timely homework submissions improved due to the effective personalised strategies provided by his mentor, allowing him to excel academically while balancing his athletic commitments.
*not his real name

Our approach to Academic Mentoring

Our Academic Mentoring starts with an intake consultation with our Academic Director Charlotte McKechnie, who sets goals for the student based on their desired improvement.

The student is then matched with a mentor who shares their academic interests. Initially, longer and more frequent sessions are held to establish new working methods.

As the student becomes more independent, mentor and student meet once a week with check-ins in between for ongoing support.

Charlotte McKechnie

Our Academic Coaching packages

Light Academic Support (Silver Package) - 15 hours

The light academic support package is ideal for goal-oriented students seeking academic planning and coaching to excel in exams.

  • Personalised Academic Plan with targeted goals and deadlines
  • Support for improved time management, goal-setting, school performance, and homework completion
  • Strategic guidance for school or extracurricular projects
Medium Academic Support (Gold Package) - 25 hours

The medium academic support package is ideal for students seeking guidance in exam preparation. It provides study skills, tools for self-discipline, and the opportunity to develop lifelong habits for achieving goals.

  • Personalised Academic Plan with targeted goals and specific timelines
  • Support to enhance academic, time management, and goal-setting skills for excellent school performance
  • Guided assistance for revision and homework management
Premium Academic Support (Platinum Package) - 50 hours

The premium academic support package is ideal for younger students or those seeking comprehensive support and structure.

  • Personalised Academic Plan and timeline with targeted goals for planning, revision, and leadership success
  • Assistance in developing a personal academic brand for future US college applications
  • Support to enhance foundational and targeted academic skills for top-class school performance
  • Comprehensive assistance with revision and homework management
  • Coaching for superior communication, organization, and prioritisation skills
Hourly Academic Mentoring - Per hour

Our hourly academic mentoring is suitable for students seeking targeted guidance on their academic portfolio, revision approaches or school projects.

Hourly Mentoring clients still receive a personalised, detailed Academic Plan with a personalised Academic Goal timeline and targeted goals and support from the mentor between sessions.

Discovery Session

Guiding Your Journey from Start to Finish

If you are new to US universities and the application process, we offer a free 15-minute session to guide you.  Whether you are unsure about attending a US university, curious about your chances, or making a last-minute decision, our team is here to provide guidance and support.