Aspiring to America

Our one-day course introduces students to all the major areas of the US university application process

Introducing US university applications to your students in one day.

A-List’s comprehensive one-day course is designed to give a group of students a thorough introduction to US university applications. Targeting students aged 14-18 years old, the course can be adapted to suit your cohort’s needs and knowledge level.  

Join us for an immersive one-day workshop that covers the complex landscape of US higher education and equips your students with the tools to craft standout applications.

Whether applicants are aiming for an Ivy League school, a top-tier private university, or a renowned liberal arts college, our expert instructors will walk you through every aspect of the process. 

What you will learn

Understanding US vs. UK curriculum

Explore the flexible nature of the US education system and how it compares to the structured UK framework.

Liberal arts education explained

Gain insight into what a liberal arts curriculum entails and why it might be the right choice for you.

Navigating majors, core, and electives

Learn how to choose your major and understand the importance of core curriculum and electives in US colleges. 

Acing the Application Process 

Get an overview of the components of the application process, plus tips and best practice for a study timeline.

The SAT and ACT 

Understand the US system of standardised testing. Learn about the crucial SAT/ACT tests and how to best prepare.

Extracurricular and residential life

Discover how to leverage extracurricular activities for your application and what to expect from campus life. 

Financing a US Education: Scholarships and Athletic Recruitment 

Learn about the costs involved in attending a US university and the scholarship / financial aid opportunities available.

Current competitiveness

Get the latest statistics on acceptance rates and what they mean for your application strategy.

Interactive sessions

Participate in activities like creating your own Harvard course load or brainstorming for your personal statement. 

Why choose A-List Education?

Expert guidance
Our instructors are experienced educators who have helped countless students navigate their path to top US universities.
Comprehensive content
From application tips to understanding financial aid, our course covers every angle to ensure you’re fully prepared.
Interactive and engaging
This isn’t just another lecture. Our course is designed to be interactive, allowing you to actively engage and apply what you learn.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for students in the UK aged 14-18 years old considering an undergraduate education in the US alongside educators seeking insights into the US college admissions process.

Whilst the Aspiring to America course is predominantly booked by schools to supplement their in-house careers guidance, A-List also periodically hosts open courses for students and their parents to book onto privately. 

Can I book the workshop online?

The workshop can also be delivered online. For further details on the workshop modules and how to book direct, click the link below.

Contact our Schools team today

Our Schools Team can advise on the best timing for the course and accommodate any requirements that your school has.  

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