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A-List delivers premier ACT tutoring tailored for students in London, the UK, and Europe.

Get The Best ACT Tuition From Expert Tutors.

Since 2005, we've been guiding students to excel in standardised tests, leveraging our tutors' experience from top US universities. All tutors at A-List have gone through our ACT training programme and receive ongoing feedback for professional development.

Our Director Tutors, with over 20 years of teaching experience, craft our educational resources, ensuring comprehensive support across all stages of ACT preparation.

If you're looking to prepare for the test with other students in a group setting, we also offer intensive ACT prep courses online or in-person at our central London office.

Should I get an ACT tutor?

Opting for professional ACT test tutoring is a strategic step toward mastering the test. Our bespoke tutoring approach is worth it for ACT takers, since it provides targeted feedback in real time, empowering students to uncover their strengths and areas where they need to improve. Students will constantly be reminded to apply efficient test-taking strategies under timed conditions.

A-List tutors, who have achieved top ACT scores themselves, serve not just as instructors but as mentors throughout your preparation journey.

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when should I start tutoring for the SAT

When should I start tutoring for the ACT?

The ideal time to begin your ACT prep is in the summer before your penultimate year, after completing your GCSEs, to allow sufficient time to deeply understand the content, refine strategies, and build the confidence needed to succeed. Starting early also gives you the chance to retake the test for score improvements.

What does our ACT tutoring include?

Customised tutoring plan

Following a student’s diagnostic test, we will design a customised timeline so you have a clear understanding of the study plan.

Expert instructors

All of our instructors have graduated from top US universities, and receive thorough ACT training before they can start teaching.

Highest score improvements

Our ACT takers improve their score by 7 on average, with the top 25% increasing by 9. Score improvements are measured for students spending 10+ hours of preparation. 


Flexible scheduling

Tutors are available weekday afternoons and evenings, and all day on weekends. Self-proctored practice tests can be sent to your home. Choose from in-person sessions in our tuition rooms, or engaging online sessions that can be recorded.

Extensively researched materials

The ACT Book of Knowledge is updated to reflect the latest testing changes. Our drills and exercises contain hundreds of practice problems with detailed explanations.

Complimentary practice testing

Our tuition packages come with proctored practice tests to simulate real testing environments, offered online or at our office on most weekends.

Director of Performance and Academics
Charlotte McKechnie
Director Tutor
Steven Kunis
Director Tutor
Lori Wormald
Director Tutor
Gary Surman
Director Tutor, Senior Advisor
Rhianna Cowlam-Shaw
Director Tutor, University Advisor
Stephanie Abbott-Grobicki
Senior Tutor, University Advisor
John-Michael MacDonald
Standard Tutor
Tobi Ajayi
Standard Tutor
Houda Barroug

What our clients say

"I made the decision to apply to a couple US schools 6 weeks prior to the admissions deadline and I couldn't have done it without A-List. What I love about my whole experience with A-List is that I formed such a genuine bond with my advisor which I wouldn't have found anywhere else!"
Kalina, Google Reviews
"We were highly impressed with the support provided by A-List for our son. Their level of knowledge, experience and advice are all top quality and they were invaluable in helping him navigate the entire process."
Ian, Google Reviews
"The best way I can put it is that Rhianna has been more than a tutor: perhaps even a friend. A friend in the way she always wants the best for her students, always pushing me, and always making me die of laughter as we go through a new topic in the course. She works with her students, not with the parent - quite the opposite of many of my previous tutors and makes perfect sense as the student is the one who has to put up with her."
Oscar, Google Reviews
"A-List provided me with some of the most dedicated tutors I have ever worked with. They were extremely knowledgable, encouraging, kind and made lessons fun and engaging. Most importantly you can tell the tutors care about their students, which for me was a massive motivation to work harder."
Emi, Google Reviews
"My daughter has had a super experience with A-List. Her tutor is a wonderful mix of advisor, teacher and friend who manages to bring out the best of her abilities. I love his professionalism and his interest in my daughter's well being. He is a gem - extremely intelligent and has that special gift to teach."
Lisa, Google Reviews
"My daughter had an excellent experience with A-List, in particular from Mariel Kessell, who is an outstanding tutor. Mariel provided top class coaching and support and my daughter received many offers from the top US colleges. Highly recommend."
Krista, Google Reviews


We offer a range of fee levels and discounted packages to ensure we can meet a student's requirements.

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Struggling to decide between the SAT and ACT?

Both exams are lengthy and timed, with the SAT providing a few more seconds per question. The SAT has a more complex questioning style, requiring careful unravelling. Both tests offer extra time for eligible students. Our advice is to try both exams under exam conditions. We provide invigilated practice tests, available in-person (at our Central London office) or online.

Book ACT Tutoring

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Other standardised tests

We support students globally and also offer tailored tutoring for non-native English speakers preparing for the TOEFL and IELTS exams to demonstrate their English proficiency for university admissions.


Our TOEFL tutoring programme prepares students for the TOEFL iBT® test, which assesses English language proficiency for studying in English-speaking countries and tests listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.


Our IELTS tutoring programme prepares students for the IELTS standardised test, another English language proficiency exam for studying, migrating, or working in an English-speaking country. There are two kinds of IELTS exams.

IELTS Academic

The test assesses readiness for studying or training in an English-speaking environment for higher education or professional registration.

ELTS General Training

This test focuses on broader skills intended for social or workplace contexts. Students taking this exam are typically going to an English-speaking country for secondary education, work or training.


Independent Secondary School Entrance Exams

We offer test prep for secondary school admissions, including ISSE, SSAT, and SHSAT.


We offer support for the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT for prospective graduate and professional school students.