ACT Preparation Course

A-List offers specifically designed courses for students preparing for the ACT.

It can take months of practice to solidify the content and consolidate techniques to attain a high score in the ACT.

Our ACT training courses are a great way to get a head start on your ACT preparation. These interactive courses have been developed and refined for over a decade, providing comprehensive instruction, strategic guidance, thorough revision, and tailored mock testing for beginners.

Led by our team of experienced instructors, each 5-day course serves as an immersive program designed to provide personalised coaching and consistent feedback from start to finish.

With the flexibility of online and in-person ACT test prep options available in central London, students from all over the world can easily participate in A-List's courses.

What does our ACT Preparation Course include?

Exclusive ACT textbook

We've written our own comprehensive ACT textbook called The Book of Knowledge that each student will receive upon registration to the course.

The book comes with 1000+ practice questions, including our A-List-only Math and Reading techniques. Students can learn key strategies for ACT Science - where speed and accuracy are key for top marks - and focus on higher level ACT-specific Math content needed for top scores.

ACT tutoring
SAT prep course-1-1


Over the 5-day course, we provide:

  • In-depth coverage of all key ACT content, using our exclusive Book of Knowledge textbook
  • Small group sessions, allowing tutors to give each student optimum personalised attention

  • Real past paper test materials to help students apply learned techniques to real questions, improving test approach and time management

  • Two full-length practice tests with our hosting platform that allows students to sit paper ACTs in simulated ACT exam conditions

  • Personalised, detailed feedback with tailored guidance and resources for improvement and next steps 

In-person and online prep

Our ACT courses typically run from 9am to 3.30pm UK time.


  • In-person course takes place at our teaching space in Central London

  • We provide drinks and light refreshments throughout the 5-day course, along with lunch on the first day


  • Online course utilises interactive learning software for progress tracking, resource access, session recordings, and material sharing

  • Tutors use breakout rooms and other digital features to ensure a constantly engaged environment

SAT prep course-2
SAT prep course-3

After the course

Each student receives:

  • A personalised report with an assessment of performance through the course, including test analysis, study planning, and our recommendations for the next steps
  • Post-course practice test

  • A 30-minute online or phone consultation with our Academics Team to outline a future study plan following the course

Success outcomes

A-List ACT score improvements bar chart

A-List takes tremendous pride in seeing our students succeed. There's a reason we believe A-List offers the best ACT prep course: we do everything we can to ensure our students achieve great things, not only on a test, but also in their academic pathways and wherever they choose to attend college.

A-List by the numbers:

  • Our students improve their ACT score by 7 points in average
  • Our top 25% of SAT students increase their score by more than 9 points

Course testimonials

"I have learned a variety of techniques and hacks for the ACT which have improved my speed and accuracy greatly on my tests."
Soso, course attendee
"The [course] provided me with thorough knowledge regarding the ACT and helped to determine my future plans for revision."
Lorna, course attendee
"A very helpful and enjoyable course. Lovely staff and great atmosphere for learning. What I liked most is the pace of learning new material and being able to immediately apply it to the solutions of the given problems. Thank you for your help."
Olenka, Google Reviews
"It was a great experience, as it really did help me understand concepts I hadn't understood before (like grammar, clever advice on tackling daunting math problems etc). I will definitely recommend this to my friends."
Shruthi, Google Reviews
"A-List has been such a great experience. I have learnt so much and taken so much on board. Everyone there is so nice and forthcoming. Thanks to them I'll be able to go to a great university."
Hugo, Google Reviews

ACT Preparation Course dates

  • In-person (London)
  • In-person (London)
  • Online
  • In-person (London)
  • In-person (London)
  • In-person (London)


In-person ACT Preparation Course
In-person ACT Preparation Course
Online ACT Preparation Course
Online ACT Preparation Course
* When booked one month before the course start date. With early-bird discounts, you can arrange a complimentary proctored test

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Book onto our ACT Preparation Course

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