Private Consultancy for US University Admissions

Our US admissions private consultancy aims to empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in your applications to Ivy League and other esteemed US universities.

Strategic guidance for US college application success.

Personal approach

Our private consultations offer a personal approach. With years of experience, our consultants can guide you onto the right path and improve your chances of success. 

Unmatched expertise

Our specialist team includes former admissions directors at top US universities and individuals with years of university counselling experience at high-performing secondary schools. Having unmatched knowledge of the admissions process is what sets us apart when offering strategic guidance and assistance.

US Admissions Private Consultation benefits

Our Private Consultations will take you through the US admission process, in which you can gain personalised recommendations and support. Opting for this route can be beneficial for the following reasons:

Success rate

Your US admissions application chances will increase through the structured support in the process. 

Utilising specific skills

Our consultants can help you showcase your skill set in the right ways.

Reduced stress

The application process for top US universities can be a stressful time. Getting specialist guidance can put you at ease throughout the process.

US university knowledge

Our consultants have years of experience in the admissions process and can guide you through important decisions.

Direct answers

Private consultancy provides a one-to-one opportunity to ask questions directly to experts in the area.

What’s covered in a Private Consultation?

The Private Consultation begins the US university admissions process.

Begin with a 60-minute consultation

In this 60-minute meeting, an admissions advisor provides an overview and guidance on achieving your academic goals.

Comprehensive follow-up report

Our advisors provide a comprehensive follow-up report including reminders, recommendations, a personalised timeline, and a university research list.

Achieve your university ambition 

Students who work with our advisors are admitted to prestigious US universities like Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Stanford, and more.


Private Consultation
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See what our clients say

"A-List helped my son hugely with my SAT. They gave him the best chance to achieve his full potential as a candidate. I would highly recommend the A-List team."
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"A-List gave me immeasurable help with the US application process, they have great dedicated tutors and endless resources to sufficiently aid their customers."
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"A-List helped me hugely with my SAT. Charlotte McKenchie was a great teacher and I really recommend getting her."
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“I had a great experience with A-List. Ashley Cole provided me with valuable help in essay writing and editing, and I am grateful for her vibrant and up-lifting way of tutoring. I am hugely thankful to A-List and Ashley for helping me to be accepted into my dream school!”
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Why A-List?

Our private consultancy service will help students utilise their skills to gain a competitive edge and increase their success rate. See some of our amazing results: 


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Whether you are unsure about attending a US university, curious about your chances, or making a last-minute decision, our team are here to provide guidance and support.

Our passionate team of educators focus on enhancing each student's academic portfolio and application to best represent their abilities and aspirations.