School Services

A-List offers expert school services, both in-house and consulting

In-house advising

Our team of advisors specialises in providing personalized guidance for acceptance and securing sponsorship funding at prestigious universities. With former admissions directors from top US schools and experienced counsellors, we offer expert advice on every aspect of the US application process.

From crafting compelling personal statements to researching the best universities and obtaining strong recommendation letters, we are here to support you every step of the way.

  • Student timelines
  • Curriculum choices
  • Extracurriculars
  • Personal statement
  • University application lists
  • Application transcripts
  • School profiles

Example school advising timeline

4th Form (Years 8 & 9)

Autumn Term: Schedule a meeting with your A-List US university advisor to discuss your GCSE course selections. Triple science is highly regarded and can enhance your chances of acceptance to prestigious US schools.

Autumn Term: Choose extracurricular activities that genuinely interest you and excel for four years to showcase your commitment and impress admissions committees.

5th Form (Years 10 & 11)

Autumn Term: Reflect on your achievements from last year and how they have influenced your aspirations for attending a university in the US. 

Autumn Term: Arrange a meeting with your A-List university advisor to strategise your participation in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including taking on leadership roles, joining clubs, pursuing internships, participating in sports, and much more.

Lower 6th (Year 12)

Autumn Term: Discuss your GCSE results with your A-List US university advisor and have them carefully reviewed by prestigious US admissions committees.

Autumn Term: Improve test-taking skills with an SAT/ACT course or personalised guidance from A-List test prep tutor.

In-house SAT and ACT preparation

Looking to offer SAT and ACT preparation at your school? Our team of educational specialists can develop a customised course tailored to your school's needs. We understand the UK school system and can effectively translate SAT and ACT material for your students.

Both exams are accepted by US universities, and our tutors, graduates of top American universities, are extensively trained in SAT/ACT preparation. We offer 1-on-1 SAT tutoring, ACT tutoring, and 5-day SAT prep courses and ACT prep courses for group preparation to help students maximise their test scores.

If you're unsure which exam to focus on, we offer invigilated practice tests in-person or online to help your students decide. Let us bring our expertise to your school and help your students succeed in these critical exams.

Stay updated on SAT and ACT test dates and registration deadlines
AList student workshop aspiring to America 1

Aspiring to America one-day course

For the past 20 years, A-List has guided thousands of students to achieve their dream of studying in America. Our one-day course introduces students to all the major areas of the US university application process. Courses cost £1,500 for a class of students in-person or £1,000 for online sessions.

The day can be scheduled flexibly around your school timetable.

US admissions consulting

We provide schools with a valuable, short-term support through our expert consultancy services. Areas may include:


International students must carefully consider how to fund their degree due to the  price tag of many American universities.


We prioritise helping students apply to US universities, supporting their aspirations and reassuring families of their success and return on investment.

Holistic review

US universities use a "holistic" admissions review process, evaluating students based on their scholarly and personal traits.

Faculty training

We offer professional development for faculty and staff, including skills development for designated US university coordinators to support teachers in writing recommendation letters, creating clear and effective school transcripts, profiles, and discussing financing options for international students.

We also provide consulting services to schools, keeping teachers informed of new information and details as our team stays up to date with the nuances and ever-changing updates across a wide range of US universities. Our goal is to increase your school's attendance and sponsorship funding acceptance rates.

  • Student timelines
  • Curriculum choices
  • Extracurriculars
  • Personal statement
  • University application lists
  • Application transcripts
  • School profiles
Our student course attendees improve their SAT scores by +144 points and their ACT scores by +5 points on average
"A-List was 100% what I was looking for in SAT preparation. The strategies and techniques - they all work!"
Course Student
"A very helpful and enjoyable course. Lovely staff and great atmosphere for learning. What I liked most is the pace of learning new material and being able to immediately apply it to the solutions of the given problems. Thank you for your help."
Course Student
"It was a great experience, as it really did help me understand concepts I hadn't understood before (like grammar, clever advice on tackling daunting math problems etc) I will definitely recommend this to my friends."
Course Student
"Took the SAT course and my tutor, Stephanie, could not have been more helpful. My scores greatly increased and I have Steph & the rest of the team at A-List to thank. I would 150% recommend the course!"
Course Student

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