Month: August 2018

Preparing for the SAT – some helpful tips

Preparing for the SAT is a big endeavour and many students do not know when to start. A good way to prepare as thoroughly as possible is to undergo SAT Tutoring in London. Tutoring will help you overcome any problems right from the beginning and help you with different ways to adapt your strategy. At[…]

Preparing for the ACT – key steps

The ACT Test is an exam that students need to sit in order to be able to study at US universities. It has quickly become popular due to its easy format, fast thinking and steady pacing. A-List Education is here to help you know exactly what to expect from the ACT test through our customised[…]

What is the difference between the ACT and the SAT?

Most US colleges and universities accept scores from the ACT and the SAT test which can be a tough decision for students, as they typically only prepare for one of them. Picking the exam best suited to you will help ensure acceptance into your chosen universities. At A-List Education we are here to help with[…]

ACT Tutoring in London with A-List Education

If you are about to take the ACT test and you do not know anything about it, we can help you! At A-List Education we offer customised courses and ACT Tutoring in London. Over the years, we have gained much experience and we have developed our expertise on how to tackle the most common issues[…]

Secure your child’s future with SAT Tutoring London

The US is known as the land of opportunity but accessing those opportunities can be an uphill struggle. A world-class education at a leading US university goes a long way towards making the most of those opportunities. If your child wants to benefit from a US university education, then they will have to jump through[…]

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